Clearing more doubts about the Authentic Twin flame connection

Aspects of the connection: 1- learning from each other. 2- Growing together. 3-healing old wounds of connections with others and childhood. 4. Love yourself more by seeing yourself through their eyes. 5-achieve more of your potential as a soul. 6 – “awakening” to your spirituality.

Etheric / Metaphysical / Supernatural Experiences

Interacting with this person in a “non-physical” way, examples: seeing him during meditations, having an idea / image of him / her emerging in your head, a sudden feeling that they´re close even if they´re not, feeling what they feel or think about something you’re experiencing.

Feeling some of the following: 1 – Tingling sensations when you touch or hug, especially in energy centers, chakras, 2 – suddenly “know” what they are thinking or feeling – even eating.3 – see 11:11 often, especially near each encounter, 4- remote sexual / romantic experiences where you feel like you are with them as a presence even when you are not physically together. 5- Dreaming that they´re trying to give you a message or communicate with you.

When you look into their eyes or see them in photos, you feel like time has stopped, as you see deep inside your own soul, as he or she can see yours, as if you could see yourself in a mirror.

Both are so attuned emotionally and energetically that you take the mood and mental changes of the other without saying a word.

If you have had physical intimacy and even remotely through meditations: you feel their pleasure as if it were yours, you see, you feel, you know the next thing they want from you, orgasms that seem to happen outside your physical body, energy release in your astral / light body before it happens in the physical, feel like something was happening beyond purely physical pleasure, like your vibrating energy centers, or as you become more than human, as something higher than the physical has happened between you.

Increase your gifts, wake up

After knowing your twin you get closer to your spirituality, you experience an intesification of dreams / intuitions / sensitiveness to emotions and energies, an inner knowing of him / her and their feelings and thoughts. Or the awakening of the spiritual gifts that you never had or intensify or dramatically open them.

You feel like literally this person is your version of opposite polarity, that if you are woman you imagine yourself being a man exactly like him.

When you are together you feel at home, completely filled, you can even completely forget the rest of the world and what happens outside.

You feel that you have lived in paralell all your life, as you have always lived common facts without even knowing it.

Sexual attraction is very passionate, even when out of physical presence one of both runs, when you are together the passion is irresistible even for the most negating twin (that is why many runners try to avoid physical encounters)

When you meet you feel like you know him/her, or that you have seen them before, but you don´t know how / where

You feel from the first interactions that you can be yourself with this person, that you can share your most personal things to them even as if they were one of your most intimate people and maybe they appeared in your life just days ago.

You experience telepathy, you hear their voice in your mind, you feel that he/she touches you remotely, you have visions of him / her, or you feel their emotions.

Your connection feels different from what was previously known, even greater than your greatest love, the differences are in the emotional and if you have felt metaphysical experiences with other soul connections, this exceeds it enormously!!

You change: after some time of meeting this person you discover yourself transformed and also this person is transformed, as you both polish to form your totally brilliant diamond Being, you look transformed and you see them transformed, even if some of you keep running away in a certain form, you see how your most beautiful being appears in the light, this is a very important characteristic. You do not recognize yourself and you do not recognize him/her almost as you used to be before you met.

Your previous partners have shown you “traits” of of your twin flame in some way to show you the Journey before entering it.

You share a “higher calling” in life, share values of what is important on the planet, society and humanity.

Your connection feels like tickling electricity when you touch, with a deep magnetism, it is not look alike anything you ever knew

Perhaps you have had vivid dreams with this person before or after meeting them, including astral projections.

The connection is passionate, it encompasses everything, magnetism, full of synchronicities and supernatural elements, and is highly transformative (even pressing the buttons of one another) challenges, provocations.

Taken from Twin Flames 11:11 “Twin flame test” and adding some personal experiences

Gaby   ❤infinity


Coming back to my loved blog

Hi everybody, it´s been a long time this blog had not new posts, that´s why I have been using the Facebook page to post regularly, and I say “I” because, just one of us is still fighting in this journey,  I would be the “Ga”part of what was Angave, it makes me sad sometimes, but I respect the process everyone chooses  to live, and I keep in my heart and feelings my friend Angelique, we talk often, even if she left the twin flame path, I´m happy for her she´s enjoying a new life and a beautiful baby ❤

This path is not easy, some of the people really don´t know what they´re facing once they meet their twin flame. But I keep going on, and I embrace my process, I love to be in this path, even if sometimes gets hard, I´m now stronger than I was almost 6 years ago, when I met my twin.  I couldn´t be more grateful with the huge transformation he brought to my Being, to our Being.

I was reading yesterday somebody shared one of our posts, and it made me feel like I had to come back here, even if is not as often as it was before.

I thank you all to the people who keeps following this blog, and I´m more than happy if it was helpful, or at least gave some inspiration, guide or support when you most needed, even if I couldn´t reply most of the comments I thank you for all of them.

I send you love, light and be strong, we still can do it ❤



Healing of the male twin

Our male twins are healing, ( the masculine energies) are giving up and listening to the voice of their soul… coming closer like never before.

We can feel the energies of changes are coming our way. It smells in the air, they are getting ready to take the next step into the path towards reunion and radiance stage. Many male twins have been giving their baby steps toward their counterparts. Time for reunions in not so far now. Many reunions, and approaches, are coming these next months.

Feel the vibe, keep your vibes high, trust, it´s time. Something within the masculine twin collective is happening, in a massive way, ancient wounds are in a process of healing, since some months ago and some twins that previously have been running, suddenly stopped and are approaching in some way to their counterparts.

Remember, as you are healing and working on yourself they will heal as well, you are One.

Be hopeful, the energies of the masculine are smoothing now. Don´t be afraid to express what you feel, don´t fear rejection, maybe this time things can be really different. Time for changes is coming just trust and follow the clues your Guides, Angels and your soul keep sending you, always… ❤ 🙂

We are STRONG. 

Changes are happening. After being absent for quite some time (we do apologize for retreating, our journeys have been quite turbulent as well), we are now noticing some changes in energy.

It’s time to come back. 🙂

Below, a strong message for all Twin Flames. We are all in this together, and we are STRONG.

Sonna Rele – Strong (Cinderella 2015 OST)

In a perfect storybook the world is brave and good
A hero takes your hand, a sweet love will follow
But life’s a different game, the sorrow and the pain
Only you can change your world tomorrow

Let your smile light up the sky
Keep your spirit soaring high

Trust in your heart and your soul shines forever and ever
Hold fast to kindness, your light shines forever and ever
I believe in you and in me
We are strong

When once upon a time in stories and in rhyme
A moment you can shine and wear your own crown

Be the one that rescues you
Through the clouds you’ll see the blue

Trust in your heart and your soul shines forever and ever
Hold fast to kindness, your light shines forever and ever
I believe in you and in me
We are strong

A bird all alone on the wind can still be strong and sing

Trust in your heart and your soul shines forever and ever
Hold fast to kindness, your light shines forever and ever
I believe in you and in me


The Power of Surrender as a catalyst for Twin Flame Reunion

A wonderful outline of a Twin Flame journey, and the crucial lessons we are to learn. ❤

Mirror of my soul - Stories of you, me and eternity


Miracles are happening in my life: my twin has signalled his return to me as a changed man. Not only is he approaching me; fearless, determined and open, but the signs and synchronicities I am seeing are in-my-face, bold and mind-blowing. I feel guided, protected, loved – not only by God, but by my twin flame. As I watch the events unfold, I am once again overtaken by the magic, timeless and God-infused love that flows between us. Finally, it feels like we are in this together, no matter what.

We have been dancing the twin flame dance for nearly 13 years, majority of which we have had no or minimal communication with each other. I have not seen him for the past 9 years, which we have spent married to other partners, yet it turns out our spiritual and emotional development during this time has mirrored each other perfectly. Right now, the…

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Twin Flame message for the Quickening Moon


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It is now the Time of Subtle Awakenings. For Twin Flames in waiting, this means there is an undeniable stirring in your Divine Counterpart.

This “jolt” is prompting them to make time, to clear the Way for a New Season and a New Life with only you, their Beloved. They will then seek you out, immediately after cleaning house and Heart.

Your part is to stay focused and firm in your resolve. Make plans for your very near future together. Be expectant, clear, and plan things with them, from the biggest wishes, down to the littlest desires of your Heart.

Be Ready TO RECEIVE your Beloved in ALL Ways. THIS IS THE START of your Reunions!

By August, you will be months into your New Lives Together. You may look back at these last separate moments with vague memory, if at all.

Such Sweet and Pure Satisfaction, Joy, Completion, Healing, and Wholeness, that ONLY UNION with Your Beloved can bring!


The Magdalene / Divine Feminine / Source Love, through Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge Full Moon of Feb 3, 2015

Gabrielle Aplin – The Power of Love


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Stay close to your heart, it knows your true story. Instead of meditating, try warming up your heart energy by visualizing a wonderful circle of pink, lilac and white energy, expanding and flaring like flames around your heart: inside the circle, see yourself kissing your Twin and feel your love merging and fusing together. For us Twins, this feels a million times stronger than a regular meditation. 🙂

Meditation merging your heart with your twin flame´s heart

I will share a meditation that I received from my inner Guide and I feel I should now transmit in writing, until I can record it:


Relax in your favorite place in the house where you feel that you will not be interrupted, in a pleasant environment for your body, you may be lying, and if you want, and you feel cold, you can cover yourself with a blanket, you should be as comfortable as possible.

Begin breathing deeply, taking air in your diaphragm displaying it is golden light flowing through your body and fills it up, this light is sent by your Guides and Masters to protect you, to envelop you in an invulnerable bubble that energetically will protect you of everything which is not of the highest vibration.

Go relaxing your body as you breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling, breathe in golden light, and exhale your fears, worries and problems, look how they will dissipate slowly, while you’re relaxing part by part, all your body, take your time …

Relax your feet, feel like they weigh, relax your legs, slowly, your back, each vertebra is getting relaxed, your arms and shoulders, they release all tension, your neck, your head, your face muscles will relax, you’ll feel like you are invaded by the peace and calm, now you feel like floating …

Visualize your twin flame, he or she is lying, visualize him in his room, in his bed, relaxed and calmed, feel how your Angels come to take you, and leave your physical body by letting them carry you where your twin flame is.

Visualize as you arrive and are greeted by him, his eyes are plenty of love and light, his soul is beaming with joy to see you arrive and feel you near, he takes your hand, andinvites you to lie down beside him.

Feel how you merge into the sweetest hug and holding hands, you lie on his chest, you and him have your hands placed over your hearts, one in the other respectively.

Suddenly both hearts are lit in pink and green light, which is growing in spirals that grow in circles, both of you have your own circle of green and pink light, they grow, flooding the room, expanding both circles by themselves gradually to form a giant symbol of infinity that completely covers and lights all over the place.

While you remain looking at the beautiful lights and the infinity symbol, its ecstatic wonder and the beauty of its colors, you are feeling the heat in your chest, the warmth of love expanding and melting your hearts becoming one. Two hearts beating at the same rate, fused into one, turned into love and light.

Enjoy this exchange of divine energies, boundless love, fill yourself both from each other …

live this experience, feel it, take your time …

It’s time to leave now, with your hearts filled with light and turned on, both will melt again in that embrace that gives you peace and healing, kiss with profound love and say goodbye until the next meeting …

Your Angels are waiting at the door of the room, you will go with them back to your place, and to your physical body.

Back and following the rhythm of deep breaths, you will slowly recover the consciousness of your room, the place where you are doing themeditation, with your heart lit with your light and your twin flame´s light, knowing that you are already one, and he or she already lives within you, you will start to move your feets, slowly every part of your body, your hands, at your own pace, until you finally open your eyes and return to your physical reality and continue with your normal duties.
Give thanks to the Divine Source for this wonderful experience.