Hello, and welcome to this blog.  In October 2013 we decided to create this blog. As we kept finding information, gathering wisdom and learning lessons along the way, we wanted to share it all with you. Being on the Twin Flame path is not easy. You do not float on some romantic pink cloud with flowers and hearts happily flying around you. It is difficult, confrontational, even excruciatingly painful at times. You are being forced to look within yourself, and dig up any old wound from the past in order to heal. You are being given a chance to awaken and grow (spiritually). However, realizing you have met your Twin Flame may feel like a rock hitting you with the speed of light. This brings us to the original reason for creating this blog: to offer support, guidance, and perhaps even some insight as to why things are happening the way they are. 🙂 Now, below you will find three short sections, in which we will introduce ourselves to you personally.

Hi, my name is Angelique. I am 24 years old, and I have met my Twin Flame in December 2012. Back then, I had no clue about the existence of Twin Flames. I had never heard of it, I did not know what it meant, so the meeting with my Twin left me lost, confused, my world had turned upside down, and the need for information as to what had happened to me led me to head off on a drastic searching-spree, because I knew there was no one around me who could explain to me what I was going through. It did not take long for an article about Twin Flames and their love to pop up on my screen. As I was reading, my eyes grew wider and wider and tears started falling to no end. I cried uncontrollably: not only had I finally discovered what was going on, I also realized I was in for a long and bumpy ride. I felt like this was my last chance to take a deep breath, before I had to jump into the ocean. Since meeting my Twin, my life changed forever from that point on. Not only mentally or emotionally: drastic physcial changes also started occurring rapidly. Just four months after I first locked eyes with him, I moved out of my parents’ house to live on my own (for the first time) and I enrolled in school to become a nurse. Meanwhile, the connection was there. My Twin runs, he is a runner. It was painful, difficult, it felt like an immense struggle at times while all the same I knew this was a blessing. I would feel desperate, alone, misunderstood while I also felt intense love and an unbreakable bond. It can be very confrontational when you realize a mirror is being held in front of you, and you know there is no other way but to face your deepest fears and oldest wounds so you can heal them. Every other couple of months I would see him or talk to him, after which he would disappear again. It took me a while to realize their process (the runner’s process) may be even harder than ours. Realizing this made me put my foot even firmer on the ground, determined to be strong and work as hard on myself as I can. I try keeping in mind that everything, in every moment is perfection: just the way it should be. As to my Twin Flame: he needs time. They all do. But they will get there. All we can do, is work on ourselves: grow, learn, develop and try our best to maintain a positive vibration. We made a promise. We owe it to them, and most of all to ourselves: we are one. 🙂

Hi, I’m Gaby. I had my spiritual awakening and opening of the third eye since the year 2005. Every time something strange happened to me I did my research, to be sure I was not the only one living oddities, haha (and there were many).
I met my Twin Flame, and it has been an arduous journey until the present time. I didn’t know I was on this path until I found out through the inner visions, dreams, experiences on the astral plane, synchronicities, and with the help of my Guides, and then doing my own research of what was happening to me. It has not been easy. My Twin Flame is the “runner” also in my case, I think in most cases it is the male half that is not aware of the connection (or maybe he is, but runs from it) whether or not they may be going through an awakening of spiritual consciousness. The most important aspect of this experience is the huge learning that it brings, and the biggest is the unconditional love which begins within ourselves . And our Twin Flame helps us a lot in this: he is our biggest catalyst, and mirror. And we have to respect the process, never force them if they do not recognize us yet, we can only love them unconditionally, no matter what they decide. And love can create miracles. 🙂 Just imagine it, in such huge love…

contact us at: inspired_awareness@hotmail.com or use the contact form below.

We will always be there. 🙂


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