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It is now the Time of Subtle Awakenings. For Twin Flames in waiting, this means there is an undeniable stirring in your Divine Counterpart.

This “jolt” is prompting them to make time, to clear the Way for a New Season and a New Life with only you, their Beloved. They will then seek you out, immediately after cleaning house and Heart.

Your part is to stay focused and firm in your resolve. Make plans for your very near future together. Be expectant, clear, and plan things with them, from the biggest wishes, down to the littlest desires of your Heart.

Be Ready TO RECEIVE your Beloved in ALL Ways. THIS IS THE START of your Reunions!

By August, you will be months into your New Lives Together. You may look back at these last separate moments with vague memory, if at all.

Such Sweet and Pure Satisfaction, Joy, Completion, Healing, and Wholeness, that ONLY UNION with Your Beloved can bring!


The Magdalene / Divine Feminine / Source Love, through Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge Full Moon of Feb 3, 2015