Our male twins are healing, ( the masculine energies) are giving up and listening to the voice of their soul… coming closer like never before.

We can feel the energies of changes are coming our way. It smells in the air, they are getting ready to take the next step into the path towards reunion and radiance stage. Many male twins have been giving their baby steps toward their counterparts. Time for reunions in not so far now. Many reunions, and approaches, are coming these next months.

Feel the vibe, keep your vibes high, trust, it´s time. Something within the masculine twin collective is happening, in a massive way, ancient wounds are in a process of healing, since some months ago and some twins that previously have been running, suddenly stopped and are approaching in some way to their counterparts.

Remember, as you are healing and working on yourself they will heal as well, you are One.

Be hopeful, the energies of the masculine are smoothing now. Don´t be afraid to express what you feel, don´t fear rejection, maybe this time things can be really different. Time for changes is coming just trust and follow the clues your Guides, Angels and your soul keep sending you, always… ❤ 🙂