My Beloved

I love you …

And I can say … I love you because you open my wounds and even if it´s painful you show them to me in order to heal.

And I can say … I love you because you bring light to my darkest points so I can see, and learn to integrate and accept them to be whole and I can illuminate my inner space.

And … I can say I love you even when you fill my eyes with tears, because these tears will wash away my emotions and my world will be clearer, purer.

And I can say … I love you even if your mirror show me what I don´t want to see, my traumas, my fears, my insecurities, the side I do not love of me, so I can end up accepting me as I am and never again deny myself.

For all this I honor your beautiful Being, and even though you unconsciously do it, you show me all your love, so I can tell you and tell the whole world that


The Secret: the law of attraction

Below, the very well known documentary about the law of attraction. It pretty much teaches us that we create our own lives, we decide: thougths become things.

Pay attention to what you are attracting. 😉

Enjoy the video. It is very motivational, clarifying and gives you an energetic boost.

We create. We decide. We manifest.

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How do you resolve negative energy?

Absolutely true.. very motivating words that are much needed. ❤

Relationship Reinvented

Arising Negativity…..yinyangposneg We have not seen the truth about negativity in our existence in human… This is to point you to a greater truth. All resistance of what is.. Cumulates over time and the mind will now create a story to be placed here. You can see this in what others say about others, in what others create within their stories that is perceived as negative and then there is a deeper humbling experience of what negative is. The mind or ego as it were believes that through negativity it can manipulate reality thus giving it a power. This negativity in ego truly believes it can get what it wants and have it’s needs met under the identifying light of the ego which is actually in the dark nature of what we experience in human! It seeks what is unconditional and tries to create conditions to be made where it…

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True Twin Flame reunions through the Lion’s Gate

~ by Sophie Bashford, July 25, 2014:

The Twin Flame connection is being prepared to take a huge step
forwards during the upcoming Lion’s Gate star-portal.

This is all happening on a deep, energetic level beneath the surface of 3D awareness. The Twin Flame activation process sparks off significant cellular and frequency changes within the body and chakras. It can also catalyse shifts in the existing structures and foundations of your lives.

Everything must change in order to accommodate the Divine Twin Flame Partnership. It carries contracts that have their roots in ancient, most distant cosmic healing agreements. You two have vital work to carry out together. Your energies must combine in order to bring about significant and transformational projects that are necessary for the evolution of our planet.

You will both most likely have some resistance to this partnership being formed at some points during the reconnection process, because the Light sparked off in both of you is so great that it challenges your ego like nothing else.

Your Heart Chakra, however, simply cannot resist the enormous magnetic and ancient seductive pull of this Union. It goes beyond the stars, the heavens, the planets. It has its basis in the very origins of the Universe and Star Systems. It goes way, way beyond what your mind can comprehend.

You are both connected, and tuned in, to one another through ancient energetic links that are not rescindable. You cannot “say No” to what is happening here. Your body, mind, Soul and Heart wants it like nothing else you have ever experienced. It is beyond passion, beyond carnal desire, beyond emotional neediness. It is a compulsion to connect to the very Highest Spiritual expression of Who You Are, to honour the agreements concerning what you came to this planet to give and create, and to open your Heart to another Soul in total, complete, and unconditional Love.

During the next couple of weeks, the evolution of this process is deepening, strengthening and flowering. Hand all your worries, concerns and doubts to God. Stay centered in your Heart and your Center. Do not doubt the power of the Universal Forces of Light to unfold this connection in Divinely Perfect Ways; ways that defy logic and the sabotaging presence of fear.

You are under the benediction and grace of the True Twin Flame Reunion.

The Temple – Sophie Bashford

Patricia McNeilly – infusing the new grid – “Bridge of Life”


The second follow up-video! Enjoy. 🙂


“Hello, in this video, I talk about the New Grid, the Grid Points, and about where many Twin Flame Couples have an agreement once they have reconvened, or met their Beloved Twin, and Merged together, sufficiently, and for some to also become a Grid Point Union……for the purpose of vibing and transmitting Light and Love to their kids, family, jobs, colleagues, and Communities, and Most IMPORTANTLY their greater Geographic point. there are certain Spots which are in fact the Spiritual Home of Twin Flames with High Level Agreements that they made at Source Love to INFUSE NEW LIGHT & LOVE. Please Enjoy! Patricia”

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Patricia McNeilly – Twin Flames: the “NEW” relationships & 5D template

Hi everyone 🙂

Below, the first follow up-video to the one previously posted. Please, enjoy. 🙂


“Hello, in this video I speak about having NEW relationship with your Beloved Twin Flame, other people, and all new Spiritual connections and relationships with people, places things, foods, substances, and what will not exist, or cannot exist in your New 5D Union. I speak about YOU forming and customizing your own Personal and Twin Flame Template, and Blueprint. Having a NEW BLUEPRINT and TEMPLATE for life and Living, is instrumental in Healing, Thriving, rather than Surviving and Making Love rather than remaining stuck in old sexual situations, and old relationships which cannot or will not fully support the New Angelic that you are here to become and have in fact gradually been becoming. Everything is moving into place, and is also the very important BEING IN LOVE, PHYSICALLY, with your COunterpart and Yes if you are here in a Body, there is a 99-100% Chance that your Beloved is HERE also incarnated in a body, and that the only way, the ONLY way, is to MERGE your Template together to have the Fullness of BEING that so many have incarnated here to create and RECEIVE. Please enjoy! Patricia”

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Patricia McNeilly – the end of the journey in duality

Hello everyone. 🙂

Patricia McNeilly has made a new video for us, in which she explains that the end of this Twin Flame path in duality is near. Twin Flames will become One Flame. Please, enjoy.


“Hello in this video I talk about the end and the “beginning of the end” of the Old Paradigm and situations for many Twin Flames. The end of being “Twin Flames” and becoming “One Flames” [in Triality] This has been a long hard, painful and lonely situation particularly for those Twin Flame Counterparts who had once, long ago, have previously been living as 5D Ascended Beings in Atlantis, Lemuria, the Pleiades, in the Elemental Realms and many other places. I give an overview of what we have been getting rid of, and also the direction that things are going. The Promise which many have been holding in their Hearts is now coming into the time of Physical manifestation, and indeed many Twin Flames are melding into their Oneness gradually but persistently to be here for this time. I speak about how the energies of Distortion, Darkness, and what is also usable have been moved, or transmuted and the best of Memories been Archived into your Personal and Collective Akashic Record of all time. I talk about this cycle closing on this Portal from March till the End of July 2014. The Next cycle will begin and will enable others to “Step Up” onto the Bridge of Life for further, healing, and being in Love. Please Enjoy! Patricia”

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Dear Lois… Patience….

A wonderful article addressing one of the most annoying obstacles on this path: impatience. Finding peace and acceptance is the key. 🙂

Relationship Reinvented

11 11 clockRecently someone finished reading our blog she asked me to write something on patience.  So why not right?

Aren’t we all waiting for something always?  Waiting in line at the bank, waiting at the carwash, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for payday, waiting for a phone call, waiting for our kids to graduate, waiting for our retirement, waiting for a movie to start.

We always seem to be waiting!  It’s easy to become impatient! I meditated on the subject of patience and realized patience is just another deception of the mind, or rather impatience!  Either way why do we focus our energy on either one?

Take for example waiting for a ride in a line at an amusement park, if we find ourselves patient, the line still moves only as fast as its going to, anyway the presence of a patient energy is simply going to make…

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Message for Twin Flames – by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

Below you will find a message to Twin Flames from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, originally by April D’Amato of Soul Star Healing in Connecticut. Thank you, Caroline, for sharing this.


This is not something easily understood because human words cannot express what Twin Flame love is.

It is an inherent part of who you are.
To know if you are a Twin Flame or not, you will know inside of your core, most of us that are Twin Flames have come into this life knowing they were meant to find their other half from the very beginning. It is not simply to find love or a relationship. It is to find the other half of your soul. It exceeds all human boundaries and limits. It is made manifest in every dimension of time and space.
This is a relationship that is not easily comprehended for anyone other than another Twin Flame. As a human non-Twin, to comprehend this, one would have to let go all human reality and see through their soul what Twin Flames are because it will defy their reality.

Each human that is NOT a Twin Flame has both aspects of masculine and feminine within them. For example: it would be 50 % Masculine Energy and 50% Feminine Energy within them. Now, explaining it that way will assist you in understanding that, that is the balance point of Masculine and Feminine Energy that is to be achieved within each and every human; but, for most of humanity they have been expressing more of one than the other; therefore, being out of balance. With the influx of Feminine Energy upon your planet at this time, it is assisting bringing each individual into balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies. Please understand that one is not better than the other as they are both needed for living a fully satisfying life upon this earth, but also for creation and change.

Now, with the human that IS a Twin Flame, aspects of masculine and feminine are different and meant to be. In a Twin Flame relationship -whether you are physically together yet or not- one human is the primary carrier of the feminine energy, and one human is the primary carrier of the masculine energy. This puts those individuals out of balance until their reunion occurs. So, using the simplification of what we explained above: the primary carrier of the Feminine Energy is 75% Feminine Energy and 25% Masculine Energy; whereas the carrier of the Masculine Energy is 75% Masculine Energy and 25% Feminine Energy. It is necessary for the Twin Flames to unite to balance out their own Masculine and Feminine Energies. The flooding of Feminine Energy on the planet is creating the awakening of the Feminine Energy within each and every human (Twin Flame or not), but this message is about the Twin Flames. The carrier of the Feminine Energy has had the greatest awakening to their role as a Twin in remembering who they are, because they are 75% Feminine. The carrier of the Masculine Energy has had their awakening as well; however, that is why it is slower for them to understand the call of their soul. They have 75% Masculine Energy which has held them in the prevalent energy on the planet. It is now that the calling of their 25% Feminine Energy is looking for their other half. We tell you this, because you, carriers of the Feminine Energy, are what they are being pulled to. Pull them to you because they are coming.

How do we pull them to us?
You pull them to you through your heart, radiating love, radiating your divinity, through the Feminine Energy you carry. Open your hearts. Remember open hearts means open to receiving as well as to giving. We encourage you to pull your beloved to you daily. Spend 1-3 minutes per day in love with your beloved. Go to a place in your heart daily to send love to them and receive love from them.

Do you feel you are being blocked to your etheric connection with your beloved?
You are not being blocked by anyone other than your Higher Self. It is the job of each of you to have your essence within you. With the merging of your souls over the last human years, it was easier to escape to a place of love out of your body, whether you or your beloved other half were aware of it or not. However, your beloved’s Higher Self is within them, aligning their human self with their mission, so that they can manifest the steps necessary for your physical reunion. Spending too much time with them etherically acts as a distraction to them from what they need to manifest physically. Therefore, the deliberate “separation” has been necessary for your beloved’s soul to grow. You and your counterpart created this for that reason.

We will explain briefly to others the difference between humans and human Twin Flames.
The human that is a Twin Flame and the human that is not, are no different other than what their mission upon this earth is to be. Both are meant to be in balance and bring to balance their masculine and feminine energies within; however, the human that is a Twin Flame will work at balancing their energies as they come together in union because that is the only way they can balance their Masculine and Feminine Energies. It is necessary for their union to occur to assist the rest of humanity in balancing out their Masculine and Feminine Energies. Their work will be done through LOVE, through THEIR UNION, and it will emanate outward.

We will state to you that a human that is NOT a Twin Flame is a person who is fully capable of receiving and being the love they came here for, but it is not the same. They are still able to attain the highest possible love relationship with a high level Soul Mate that may resemble closely to a Twin Flame relationship, but their mission is not to reunite with their Twin Flame.

We are very proud of you as we know that the path of love has been difficult for you to stay on, but it will be worth it. Hold your faith and your love in your heart for your beloved other half. The time is now for reunions to occur. They have begun. There have been delays and setbacks, but you have kept your faith. We ask you to forgive yourself for any doubts or fears you may have. Forgive your beloved for any doubts or fears they may have.

Finally we wish to say to you to remove all doubt that this union will happen; it is written in your DNA to reunite with your beloved other half.

October 6, 2013

(Laura Geralyn condensed the original message into pertinent excerpts)

Twin Flame Energy and The Alchemical Marriage


The Union of the Twin Flames is the ultimate Alchemical Marriage. Cosmic law requires that we must first define our own unique identity in the whole of God/Source before we can completely unlock the spiritual and energetic potential of our TwinFlames.
We are always connected to our twinflames.
The twinflame is not ‘the other half of your soul’ but one soul (masculine/feminine) in two individual bodies.

Twin flame energy

Twin flames must achieve a certain level of spiritual mastery and understanding of oneness within their own personal and individual selves before reiuniting together.
If this spiritual level of mastery is not present then they may be unable to cope with the weight of their own negative karma because this karmic energy will be amplified by the very presence of their twin soul.
The same unique factor that gives twin flames their great spiritual power and identical blueprint of identity can likewise cause the amplification of their positive and negative patterns.

Each one of us must learn to change these negative patterns within ourselves–the base metal–of the human ego so they can be transformed into the gold of our Real and Divine self. This is the alchemical marriage. It is the marriage of the soul and both the feminine and masculine aspects of our true being–the real and enduring spiritual self. The love of the beloved Christ self is the true heart and the part of us which maintains constant contact with the the Heart of God-Source. This authentic self is referred to as the I AM Presence. It is an incomparable and unconditional Love. This is the sefless journey of the heart and love of the many saints which are portrayed in the eastern and western religions and mystical traditions.

If one continues the personal inner spiritual work and continues to accelerate their consciousness daily through communion with God/Source, one will gradually transend the limitations of the human ego. Eventually the soul will merge with the true spiritual self and ascend back to the pure heart of God. The corrupt must be made inccorupt and the mortal must be made immortal.

Twinflame lovers heart communion before Jesus Christ consciousness.

The Holy Grail is a vessel of spiritual illumination. It contains a mystery that is locked within us all. It is a secret that is housed in our spirtual hearts. It is not an object imbued with a magical or spiritual power but it actually represents the container of the heart through which one becomes conscious of the infinite light of unity, love and of the creative potentials that lie dorment within, awaiting to be awakened. This is the heart of Christ consciousness which is why the concept of the Holy Grail is associated with the energy of Jesus Christ and the light and love within that He represents.

The source connection in the heart holds yet another mystery and that is the connection to your own twin flame. You and your twin flame are linked eternally in an intimate bond at the level of heart. Twinflames are connected through their spirit or oversoul. Your intertwined intelligences are angelic in nature and are synchronized to create a bind of love that will push you to grow psychologically and mature spiritually. The Twinflame awakens you to the truly authentic and spiritual power of unconditional love and they will unite with you to fulfill an important spiritual purpose. This is a re-union that is about service to All instead of conditional or selfish egotistical love which is more focused on service to self.

Twinflame lovers spiraling in a yin yang pattern

The twin flame, as your complementary energy embodies both the unique masculine and feminine qualities that will psychologically complete you on that level. The relationships acts as a mirror into your own oversoul. This can be used to eventually bring more of your hidden qualities and talents fully into conscious so that they can be integrated and made your own to be used for service work–a highly Divine calling.

Twin flame energy

When the door to your own destiny open, it is the heart-to-heart connection of the twinflame energy that will draw the two of you together in Divine timing. This is your chance to fulfill the promises your souls made for this particular incarnation. When the alchemical union of the Twin Flame occurs, a divine spark of it is lit within the chalice of your heart and it is filled with the light of your communion.
The soul-level recognition is instantaneous for some, but for others it may take a bit of time to awaken and recognize the divine connection that is happening.

The quest for the Holy Grail or for your Twin Flame may be marked by dreams, revelations and guidance from those many individuals and soulmates that you will encounter on your path—your journey back to your authentic and Divine Self.

Your destiny is set, your virtues are tested, and your prize awaits if you are worthy to receive it. If you are venturing on the path to finding your twinflame, there will be many tests and revelations along the way.
One must be ready mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. They must be mature enough psychologically to prove their genuine love and be ready to commit for the long but worthwhile journey that awaits them with this union.

With various soulmate relationships behind you you will learn what it is that makes a relationship work and what doesn’t. You learn more about who you truly are. It is not unusual for a prior serious relationship to mimic some of the same dynamics that you will have to revisit with your twin flame. Also, a previous partner may hold some of the very same qualities and personality characteristics that is shared by your twin flame. Because of this, you can better appreciate those qualities in your soulmate and you will be more prepared to deal with them in the twinflame relationship.

Alchemical male and female energy hands intertwined

Synchronicities may be abundant prior to the meeting of the Twin Flame. Dreams are also very common on the quest for the grail. Some individuals have had dreams or visions for years, months or days just before they are about to meet their twin flame. These dreams, visions and synchronicities often reveal key clues to a twin flame soulmates identity, often pointing to some geographical location where they love or to some other hidden factor that will identify them or how the two will be united.

Love, support and healing is the primary purpose of the twinflame union. In this alchemical romance, the grail, or heart’s restorative and healing power is evident in the connection and commitment of the twins. On the unseen and spiritual level it is felt through the desire to heal on a soul level. Miracles are common within this union. Twin flames often commune using the power of their hearts (the grail) to lend energy and healing power to one another. The Divine and Unconditional Love between them proves to be the perfect magical elixir to ease each other’s pain and deep wounds on a profound and spiritual level.

If you are on a quest for your divine complement you will be tested as you wait. Do not seek your twinflame externally or outside of yourself. The spiritual inner work must be done and you must realize the wholeness that already exists within you. You must awaken your own heart to the heart of your twinflame. In Divine time and by divine design your twinflame will arrive holding the mystery of the Holy Grail out to you. Through their heart you will find your own true heart and awaken to a greater and more spiritual understanding of the mysterious and spiritual connection that you both share.


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