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What are Twin Souls?

A set of twin souls shares identity energetically. In the very beginning before there was any sense or feeling of separation, twin souls were ONE soul – male and female energies in ONE. There was no separate identity or consciousness of the male and female energies. As a result of the separation at the dawn of times in human history, two different personalities of what was ONE once were created. You can very well understand that when the two halves of what used to be ONE meet again on earth after many years and lives of separation and ”unconscious” longing for each other, the physical meeting and union itself is a very intense, indescribable event at the human level where the two halves of the same soul get to face and feel deep, hidden feelings in themselves that can have been denied for lifetimes. The feelings that can have been denied throughout many lives could have been that the twin souls have had to deny WHO they really are at the very core of their soul. There could have been many reasons for this, but most likely people tend to feel alienated from themselves because they have felt that there were outer standards or other people they have had to live up to. The “trick” is to realize the time when one did experience a loss of self due to the influence or expectations of other people.

The Physical Meeting

When the twin souls meet physically, many experience a deep Kundalini rising and fusion that leaves the twin halves forever changed. It is such a deep experience, so that the twin souls cannot go back to how they were before the meeting, because through the intense union a stronger sense of Self of each of them has been born which means that they will be forced to look upon themselves in a completely different way. It might take years for one to feel how much one has changed in the Self due to the twin soul union, but as time goes by an integration or birth of ones real self is starting to take place. For many this will happen during some sort of separation from the twin soul. When twin souls meet and merge into each other, the extascy of feeling the ONENESS is unlike any other love union the two persons involved can experience on earth. Twin Souls are still ONE soul, but they are also a product of their human lives and existence away from each other. This means that the paradox of being one, also means that each of them has each their different individuality / personality that has been created during the times of separation. On these grounds when you meet your twin soul, you will meet a separate human being, unique in him- or herself with his / her experiences of life. Many people think that when you meet your twin soul, you meet yourself. To the degree that twin souls share the same blueprint energetically this is true, but when you meet your twin soul, you will also meet a human being that because of the physical aspects of being human can have lived a life either very similar to yours or completely different. It is true that twin souls often share interests, but they are still two separate human beings. Meeting the twin physically on earth is a deeply personal and very transformative experience due to the fusion of the two into ONE. If the twin souls are meant to unite physically, spiritually and sexually, nothing can stand in their way of union. This means that very often twin soul couples will experience an intense feeling of ”love at first sight” and despite the fact that they might not know each other physically before they meet, they will nevertheless merge intensely into each other at very deep levels. When twin souls meet and merge into each other after they have just met and it is ”love at first sight”, it will often leave them with a feeling of mystery and wonder as to what happened.

The union of the twin souls and merging into ONE again leads to a process that the twin souls very often must go through individually. This means that even if they are in a ”relationship” with the other half, individually they will go through a process of facing deep issues within themselves as a result of the twin union. The twin souls will grow from their physical meeting and change very deeply, but a very profound and deeply personal process and transformation starts with the first merging of the twin souls. Many sets of twin souls experience a short meeting very often early in life and from there they separate, not necessarily because each of them want to, but because there is no other way for their shared soul to begin to grow individually. The purpose of their first, and perhaps short merging on earth to begin with in this present life is that they will again reunite at a later time. They will and can reunite at the time when they are SAFE and STRONG in their individual Selves. Other sets of twin souls know each other throughout life and stay in close contact, but they will still be forced to face issues in themselves individually, because they have merged so deeply into each other. At the first meeting when the twin souls reconnect at the physical level, they will merge into each other to experience the ONENESS again and in their shared soul this feeling of ONENESS cannot ever be forgotten, but they cannot be TWO IN ONE, if they don’t know HOW TO BE THEMSELVES individually. The reason why they cannot be TWO IN ONE if they don’t know who they are individually is that they cannot depend on the other half to get a sense of Self and to get a feeling of who they are individually. If they depend on the other half to get a sense of who they are individually, they will never be able to exist as individual human beings on this earth. They will never be able to find peace, harmony, and balance in themselves individually because they will need the other half to give them what they need to find in themselves individually. On earth we cannot live in a “merged” relationship without having a strong sense of individuality. A lot lot of people will probably say: ”of course I know how to be myself – I have lived as myself my entire life”, the thing just is that the whole feeling of who a person really is at the level of the Self, changes deeply as a result of the twin soul merging. This means that before the merging with the twin soul a person could have had an idea of who he / she is, but meeting the other half of oneself leads to an awakening of the Self and an even stronger feeling of the person he / she really is deep down. Through the twin soul union you get to open up to deep feelings and a knowledge of who you are in the deepest corners of your soul. You will be overwhelmed with feelings you never thought possible. The identical energies of your twin soul have pushed you further into yourself. You have become more of what you already are.

Recognizing The Twin Soul

The twin souls recognize each other instinctively when they meet. This means that it is not a conscious recognition where both of them state that they are twin souls. It is not a physical recognition, but a recognition that happens in the soul. The twin souls are drawn to each other, they merge instinctively and become ONE the way they have always been. In order to really know that your twin soul is your twin, you must meet and merge with him / her physically. You cannot know that your twin is really your twin unless you have met and merged with him / her physically, emotionally, spiritually or sexually. The merging at the physical level is very important in order for the twin souls to ground their relationship and twin soul process on earth. Twin Souls meet physically to be “forced” to be present on earth, so that they can feel fully and be in their physical bodies. This day today many say they meet their twin souls online. This can be true, but if you have not met your twin in body and felt the intense union, you will not be pushed further into your own Self as a result of the union. Sometimes twins do not unite sexually, but they can still meet physically and merge spiritually. The physical meeting itself no matter how it is can lead to the union of the energies, but with a physical aspect such as for instance sex, the twin souls are pushed further into their individual selves. There is a huge difference between having met and bonded with the twin physically and staying in some sort of correspondance online where the communication is more intellectual than it would be if the twin souls merged physically. If the twin souls meet physically the union will happen as a result of the deepest instincts in both of them. When you recognize your twin soul, you will see yourself in the eyes of the other half. You will feel that you have finally come home and when you talk with the other half, it feels like you have known each other forever. All of it will seem very natural and the sexual union with the twin soul will feel like the most natural thing in the world. During the spiritual, physical and / or sexual union of the twin souls, they will experience a Kundalini rising. This means that all the chakras will be activated, they will merge at all levels. The people who experience Kundalini rising feel that they have been connected with their Higher Selves and a process begins where the knowledge of you being a spiritual being becomes even more intense after the twin soul union. Kundalini rising is like getting strong electricity through your entire physical body. It can be such an intense experience, so not only will you feel an out of body experience and another state of consciousness, but you can also experience physical change afterwards as a result of the twin union and the powerful Kundalini rising, because you pick up on higher spiritual energies. Very often the Kundalini rising can also lead to a person being less physically grounded on earth. Exactly for this reason it is even more important to get in deep contact with the physical body in order to stay grounded on earth when it comes to the twin soul process.

Other More Profound Ways Of Recognizing The Twin Soul

Twin Souls usually merge into each other when they unite physically and spiritually, but aside from the twin souls experiencing a deep and life-changing union, there are other ways you can know that you are in the same room with your twin soul. You can recognize your twin soul’s voice even though you have never heard his / her voice before. Hearing your twin soul’s voice will often sound as the voice of your own soul speaking to you and you recognize the voice in a deep place within yourself. This in itself is a very profound experience, knowing and feeling you are recognzing a voice you might have never heard before. It feels like a welcoming voice inviting you home. Your twin soul’s name although you have never heard the name before might be familiar to you, almost as if you already know the name of him / her. It is almost as if you feel that you could have had that name had you been the opposite sex of what you are. Your twin soul’s name will almost feel to you as if it is the perfect name for him / her. There can be many reasons why you recognize your twin soul’s name. One of the reasons could be that before you incarnated you and your twin soul made plans to meet in a physical life and at this time before incarnating you already knew the name your twin soul was going to have in the specific physical life. If you are younger than your twin soul, you have incarnated at a later time and you might have observed your twin soul’s early years in the physical body before you incarnated yourself. You might also feel that if you had incarnated as the opposite sex of what you are, you could have looked exactly like your twin soul. Twin souls tend to look alike physically from time to time even if they don’t have the same sex, race, or age. Some twin souls experience a huge weight loss as a result of the union both because of the shock of meeting each other, but also due to the Kundalini rising and intense energy exchange between the two of them. I heard of one woman who lost 10 pounds within one week because of her meeting with her twin soul.

What According To Our Human Eyes Seems To Be A Withdrawal Of The Male Half From His Female Half – The Difference Between Men And Women

Many female halves acknowledge to themselves directly that they have met and bonded with the male halves of themselves. The female halves are naturally connected and one with their feelings. The male halves seem to be living less in their feelings and therefore according to the women the men seem to be less emotional. The real truth might be a different story. And nothing is this ”black and white” when it comes to twin souls. Sometimes it feels to the women through their human eyes that the male reactions to having met their female halves will lead to the men withdrawing emotionally from their female halves. At the human level the female half will often conclude that her male half didn’t recognize her as his twin soul because he did not openly declare and acknowledge the twinship or tell her how he feels deep inside. Female halves long to hear that their men know the truth of them being twin souls. As a woman the female half wants to hear the very words ”twin souls” come out of his mouth. This is what many women long to hear from their male halves. To me twin souls make out a whole and a unit. This means that at the soul level both do recognize each other, but the reactions to this recognition vary between the male and female halves. The female halves live so much in their feelings and they often find it very difficult that their male halves seem to withdraw and in some cases the shock of meeting the other half and uniting at such deep levels lead to the twin souls not being able to talk at the human level about what actually happened. The female halves tend to want to talk about the connection openly, but talking can be painful or difficult for the male half, because he could have been living less in his feelings for many lives. It often seems to the man that his woman can “read” him and he tends to not like to feel vulnerable around her. What the man doesn’t realize is that if he allows himself to be with one with his feelings, he would also be able to “read” her, and she would feel vulnerable as well. Conflicts between twin souls often arise when the female twins long for an emotional reaction from their male counterparts and for some reason the male halves do not feel ready to open up. Female halves are so much one with their feelings, so sometimes they tend to push things instead of ”letting go”. Female “halves” tend to act directly on their feelings because they want an emotional result of what they feel. We don’t realize that as male and female “halves” we are more alike than we think. All of us have both male and female energies in us and if we can achieve an inner balance within ourselves, we can understand the other half more clearly. And therefore there would be no misunderstandings between men and women. We don’t always see as clearly with our human eyes, compared to the eyes of our souls.

The female polarized twin soul carries the fruit of the twin soul union, but this doesn’t mean that the male “halves” don’t possess wisdom. If the men surrender to their inner female, they get access to the inner wisdom within themselves. When twin souls meet physically, the male half is the one who gives his female twin “access” to the wisdom in her soul. The male half does “need” the emotional and spiritual insight of his own inner female and female twin, but if the twin souls have been separated for many lives and have many wounds in them due to past lives, difficult relationships and time apart, it can be difficult for him to open up and “accept” the knowledge offered to him by his female half and inner female. It is a question of inner balance. It is important to know that it is not possible from the human point of view to control the twin soul process itself. The only thing that you can control as a soul half is yourself. Many female halves tend to overfunction in many aspects of their lives, both when it comes to family or their men. Overall this has to do with a deep fear of loss. Overfunctioning always has to do with trying to help other people. It means that you don’t trust other people to be strong enough to deal with their own healing or growth, and at deeper levels it has to do with lack of trust in yourself controlled by the fear of a deep existential loss. Therefore, female halves must “connect” and unite with their inner male, balance themselves, and let go of doing, taking action, and living in the illusion that they can control things.


Here are 2 examples from real life. These examples sound perhaps a bit far out, but they are real life examples. Women do tend to go very far in order for their men to see the light. A man and a woman meet under rare and difficult circumstances. None of them could have planned this meeting by themselves. They are drawn together and experience a union beyond words. It becomes clear to both of them that together they are more than can be put into words. It seems awkward for them to talk about. The woman is being given clear signs that this union is very unique. She gets scared of losing him, wouldn’t know what this loss would do to her. She is not sure that he has realized that they are twins, so in order for her not to lose him, she sends him a thousands mails when they are apart, talks about their connection when they are together. And she frequently fears the time they do spend apart. It has to become clear that according to her he cannot leave her, because they are twin souls and twin souls are not meant to leave each other. He begins to feel her anxiety and the more she talks about spiritual matters, the more he feels pushed back and sees no other way than that he must have his space. It is too much, too overwhelming for him. Finally she sends him Joudry/Pressman’s book: Twin Souls, Finding Your True Spiritual Partner, so he will get the picture!

Another set of twin souls meet. Their relationship is intense. The female half, very in tune with her feelings, clearly feels a spiritual opening in her. She loves studying “metaphysical” stuff, she is an intellectual woman and in her mind’s eye, she clearly understands her union with her twin soul as a relationship that has been orchestrated by divine forces. She begins writing a book about this, but needs other peoples’ experiences as well to understand fully what she is going through. So she tells her lover: “you know we are something very special and I am going to write about this.” He does understand that they are special together, but the fact that he feels how serious she is about all this, about writing a book, makes him feel a lot of pressure. This pressure influences their relationship. She continues her story project and finds other people online who have experienced union with their twins. She also uploads her story online, writing their full story on a messageboard and online community. She doesn’t tell him about this and one day he uses her computer and finds her story ‘ABOUT HOW THINGS ARE’ by seeing the URL to the community where she has posted their story. Now, this is too much. He wants things to be quiet, just between the two of them. Why does she have to share this with the entire world? She is experiencing spiritual growth within her and sharing with the world seems to be the spiritually natural step, also to show him how serious she is about them being twin souls. She wants him to grow with her in the same way and being open about this in every way seemed like the way to go for her. Women mostly overfunction because they long for a real and open relationship with their male halves. And many women feel that the only way to get the relationship is to function as an eye-opener for their men. Women tend to do too much in an active way to get what they want, because they fear loss at deeper levels.

When you are presented with your twin soul, you are at the same time presented with what you once lost that made you lose your way at the beginning of time. This is the reason why women overfunction. Unconsciously, they feel the loss and they will do whatever it takes to prevent loss from happening again. Women do not realize that by searching within themselves, they can achieve what they look for. The loss happened inside of themselves long time ago when the women also lost themselves at deeper levels. Women often have to realize that if they want the “relationship” with their other half to work out in a positive way, they have to work out and face deep wounds within themselves as souls. Some people often find themselves in other difficult, karmic relationships that have to do with deep inner wounds from other lifetimes that weren’t healed and these wounds really do need attention and to be faced in order for people to grow closer to their twin souls.

Twin Souls & Sex

The Sexual Merging

The sexual contact between twin souls is very primal, raw, and at the same time highly spiritual. The instinctive kind of sexuality between twin souls means that at the human level it can be hard for the twins to put these feelings into words and it is, therefore, only in the sexual act that the ”real” talk between the two of them will be expressed. The more the twin souls merge sexually, the stronger they get in their individual selves. The twin souls were always one, but at their physical and sexual merging into each other, they become the WHOLE SOUL, and there is no individual sense of who is who. The individuality of each of them ceases to exist when they merge into each other. They are ”just” ONE and feel this ONENESS. They can stay in this feeling of ONENESS as long as they are merged into each other, physically, spiritually and sexually, but when the merging into each of them stops and they start being two individuals again, the feeling of the loss of the other half is so painful, so that at the very level of your own soul you can feel that a part or half of yourself is missing. Sexually there is a clear distinction between the male and female half of the same soul. Energetically the female half is the one who ”surrenders” herself to her male half in the sexual act. He, on the other hand, is the one in sexual lead in the act of love making. This means that with the twin souls, there is a male and female kind of sexuality. It is all a reflection of their male and female energies and how each of them is at the very level of their soul. The understanding of the male and female halves must be understood in the way that during our many physical incarnations the male and female halves of the twin souls have both tried to be both men and women in physical lives. This means for instance that the female half, incarnated as a physical man might have met her twin half in another life incarnated as a woman. This still happens in our time and age, although there is a tendency that many twin souls that do meet and unite, have incarnated as their REAL SEX, meaning WHO THEY ARE AT THE SOUL LEVEL and THEREFORE they must identify with their physical body to be their REAL SELVES. At the soul level this means that each of the halves polarize and become even more man and woman while they are still united and balanced with the inner opposite gender within.

The intensity and complexicity of the twin soul relationship on earth leads to the fact the twin souls often separate if they are not ready to be together at the human level. A remarkable inner journey starts to take place after the twin souls have merged on earth. They have become ”more” themselves than what they were before. A new sense of Self, of who they are at the very center and core of their souls has been born. They feel changed, but often at first it can be hard to put into words exactly what has happened. The separation is therefore, often, ”planned” before incarnating such as the meeting is also ”planned”. I do not want the word ”planned” to sound too metaphysical, but what happens is that at the human level it feels like the twin souls are ”forced” apart to grow individually. Now growth has nothing to do with being a better soul, for the twin souls the spiritual growth has to do with the accelerating sense and feeling of the Self. It is a journey into a new sense of consciousness of ones Self. Very often people who have been united with their twins feel helpless when they feel and see that they are being separated from their twin souls again. The separation leads to a lot of pain, anger, and frustration. Sometimes the separation from the twin soul is so painful so that people get physically ill, because they feel a part of themselves missing and it almost feels like missing a vital part of ones physical body. This can lead to physical illness. During the separation the twin souls must feel and reconnect with their own inner selves to be able to feel the bond with their twin souls. The union and merging has led to the fact that their newly joined energies have made them deeply telepathic with each other. If you think of the fact that the union has made the two one, you can very well know that if you have met your twin, you can never be sure if what you feel is your own feelings or the feelings of your twin. As the twin souls are separated after the merging, some will begin to search in the outer sense for the twin. They will do everything possible to reconnect with the twin in the outer sense, so they do not have to feel the loss inside themselves. This outer search is very painful and sooner or later one will feel that there is no other way to connect with the twin than to reach for the deepest place in ones own inner Self. It is a journey where a soul who has experienced the loss and separation from the twin, will begin to feel very different and alienated from other people who have not experienced meeting their twins. When you feel the loss of your twin you can feel alone when you are around other people, because noone else, but your twin knows you the way you know yourself.

What happens in the twin soul process, and why are many sets of twin souls separated?

When people first realize that they are being separated from their twin souls and it all seems out of their hands to control, many will find themselves in a state of panic and desperation. Being separated from the twin soul, feels like a deep loss of yourself. This loss is excruciatingly painful and at times a soul half, feeling the loss of the twin soul, can find it hard to know what to do with these feelings. Sooner or later you will begin to feel that you must ”surrender” yourself to the spiritual and very emotional process that starts to take place at the inner levels. You realize that exactly when it comes to the twin soul process, you don’t seem to be able to be in control. You cannot control when and how to reunite with your twin soul. This means that the entire twin soul journey begins both with feeling the ONENESS with the twin and from there feeling the loss of the twin and feeling the loss of oneself and the ”person” one used be with the twin, before there was any kind of separation at the dawn of times. I feel that when you have felt the union and ONENESS with your twin, you also feel and have an unconscious memory of how you used to be before you experienced the separation and split from your twin soul in the beginning of human history. No matter how the journey is of each twin soul couple on earth, each of them will after the merging, be ”forced” deeply to FACE THEIR INDIVIDUAL SELVES. There will always be an intense mirroring between twin souls, but the mirroring can feel more intense if the twin souls haven’t faced their inner, individual selves and wounds. In order to heal your wounds you must face your inner self and learn to accept yoursef for who you are, otherwise the reflection of your twin soul will feel very intense and you will feel there is no place to hide (from yourself).

Synchronicities & Dreams – The Universe Tries To Get Your Attention

If you have met and bonded with your twin soul, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, you will most likely experience a series of synchronicities and dreams that reveal to you that you go through a unique, spiritual change in your life. You might already be aware what is going on, but sometimes if you look for an ”external” explanation, you can experience that the universe gives you specific signs. This could be revealing dreams where you get to see the truth of the matter. You might even have prophetic dreams where things about to happen in a near future are revealed to you. Synchronicities tend to come our way if we have a struggle with our intellect of some kind and we try to convince ourselves that we don’t really go through this, we have just made it all up. Sometimes things seem too profound and overwhelming to be true and having been faced with the other half of our own being can just be too amazing to be true. Therefore, the universe sends us Synchronicities to show us that we are heading in the right direction. I can give you an example of a typical synchronicity that I know a woman experienced after having been united with her twin in real life:

She was a young woman, had experienced an intense union with her twin soul and they had separated because of the intensity, so they only had a short relationship. The pain of separation was difficult and painful to deal with, but the woman felt she had to move on. At the time she did not fully understand the concept of twin souls and what all this meant, so she continued her life, hoping that one day the right man would come along and the next time she would have a different kind of relationship where she wouldn’t be faced with such a difficult and painful separation. Her twin soul was a bit older than her. What happened was that her brother who really liked her twin soul had said about him that he looked older, had these wrinkles around his eyes and a dreamy look in his eyes. OK, the woman knew that he was about 4 years older than her, but this was not enough to make him old. He hadn’t passed the age of 40 nor 50 yet. He was a young man. One day the woman started working in a new place and co-worker of hers who were very friendly said without further reflection that she looked older, had these wrinkles around her eyes and a dreamy look in her eyes as well. Now the woman knew that this was exactly what her brother had said about her twin and from then on she knew that she was going through a very special and mysterious time in her life. Her co-worker knew nothing of her twin soul experience. She hadn’t told anyone. This synchronicity was actually meant to show her how she and her twin are ONE at the soul level. What could be said about him, could also be said about her. They are of the same energies. She was heading in the right direction even though she was separated from her twin soul. She was meant to meet him and was also meant to experience the separation she was facing.

Separation & Facing The Self

You cannot get to your twin in any way if you don’t face yourself. You must face all issues in yourself in every way and individually. You cannot get to your twin soul if you feel something is missing inside of yourself.

What does it mean to face the Self?

Many people who have been united with their twins and experience some sort of separation whether it is an actual physical separation or an emotional one, will very often feel that if only they could be with their twin souls in some kind of relationship, the deed would be done. This is also the reason why many female halves try to take control directly when it comes to their male halves. In desperation many female halves try to reach out for their male halves in one way or the other. Often the female halves therefore try to control the whole thing by actively trying to make the male halves move towards them. Often the female twin souls long for emotional ”feedback” from their male halves and for this reason female twin souls tend to take the emotional lead when it comes to their male counterparts. All this is done out of desperation for the other half. In reality at the level of Self, this will never work out. The reason for this is that each of the halves is forced to face their individual selves and the female halves are ”forced” to not to actively reach out for their male halves, but to reach inwards for their inner Selves.

The male halves must also face themselves individually from their women. They must do their own work, in their own time frame and way. This can be very hard for the female twins to realize and to accept. The facing of the Self has to do with balance and individual healing. You are not balanced if in desperation you want your other half more than you want yourself, so that you don’t really care about yourself. This is often the situation for many female halves. They will find themselves in this imbalanced state of being until they realize that now is enough, I must get back to Myself now, take care of Myself and honor Myself as a soul half. Many female halves are very empathic with their male halves and this can very often lead to the female halves wanting to be there for their men in every way. For the male halves the situation could be that they are so not used to feeling their feelings, so they depend on their female halves to feel for them. Again this is an imbalanced state of being for the male halves, they must feel on their own. They must be in their feelings and take the risk of feeling vulnerable emotionally. Unconsciously many sets of twin souls, therefore separate, so that they can start facing the Self fully. Without knowing it and despite the deep pain of being separated, many sets of twin souls have chosen at the level of their soul to separate for some time, perhaps years, so that they can start facing themselves. Some twin souls do not separate in the same dramatic way that other twin souls separate, they stay in touch, deeply connected and for them it can be a harder journey to face the individual selves, because when you are presented with your very own twin soul, so much a part of oneself, you can actually be confused about what is really your Self. It is easier to face the Self when there is a complete physical separation. For this reason many sets of twin souls are today separated, because the actual physical separation forces each of them to FEEL and FACE their individual Selves. Often it is exactly wounds within oneself that keeps one separated from the twin soul, and focusing on “getting” a relationship in the outer sense with the twin soul can prevent one from facing the inner wound that could be the actual cause of the twin soul separation in the first place.

Sometimes twin souls are in relationships or married to other partners and they can nevertheless meet and merge on earth in sexual and spiritual union, very often the physical union with the twin forces the twin souls to take a look at the actual relationship they are in. It can be very hard to stay committed to a (marriage) partner when a person has been with his / her twin soul, because at the level of the Self even in another relationship, the loss of the twin will be felt. This means that when you are with another partner and think of your twin, you will feel alone in this relationship. Eventually you will also feel that you cannot be true to that partner or yourself, because the longing for the twin soul and being true to ones inner self can be too intense. You will suddenly feel that you live a double life. A life where you are with that partner, but you will not feel that he / she sees your true self and a life where you long to be true to yourself and to live an authentic life perhaps with your twin soul or just with yourself. When you deeply start facing your own Self, you will often find it necessary to be in ”isolation”. It seems necessary to be in this isolation, because you must feel very deeply what is you, so that you are not distracted by other people, situations or circumstances of life.

I believe that the hardest mission any sets of twin souls can face on earth, is the misson of facing the Self. With the merging and union with the twin soul, you get to feel your Self again, you become conscious again and you start asking yourself questions and you also feel that there are things in life that you don’t want to put yourself up with anymore. You cannot anymore just watch your life from the outside , you need to take part in it. Some people will claim that when it comes to the twin soul process, it all happens spiritually beyond ones own control, the truth is that the twin soul process is really such a deeply personal process, so that it forces you to be 100 % present in your own life. You must face your life, yourself here and now. You must be a soul fully alive in your physical body. You might not be able to control the overall process that has to do with your twin soul, but you can control yourself. When you feel that there has been a loss, not just the loss of your twin soul, but also the individual loss of yourself, you will feel feelings that are not spiritual at all. It can be intense feelings of anger, hurt, unconditional love for the twin, and pain of separation. I think it is very important that you feel these feelings in you so that all your energies can flow freely through your physical body and soul. You cannot get to your twin soul during time of separation if you do not feel how deeply you at times have felt the loss of your own Self and the loss of your twin soul. The only way to the twin is therefore through your Self. You must feel all feelings to be grounded, otherwise you will never really be present here in your physical life. We have chosen to be in our physical existence to feel. When you face yourself you will at the same time feel the pull from the identical energies of your twin soul. You will feel that you can only get back to your twin soul, when you are being your true and honest Self and face all the deepest feelings and wounds within yourself. Twin Soul couples never completely face the same issues, yet it seems that all people who bond with their twins sooner or later must face themselves individually.

The question is often asked: what can I do to reunite with my twin soul?

The truth is that the answer is not simple. In fact, the twin soul journey is very complex. I believe that it is a fact that God wants us to be conscious and actively take part in our own journey. This means that if you want to reunite with your twin, you must become fully conscious of your own Self. If you are unhappy in whatever situation you can find yourself in, you must make a change to your life. You can change you. And if you want to change your life, you must change your Self. It is a fact that many women and men deep down want to be rescued, this means that many times people who know of their twins, wait for something to happen in the outer sense, so they don’t have to do the inner work that is necessary to unite with the other half. If you desire to be rescued you will have lost your own sense of Self. This means that you will have lost your sense of direction in life. You will be waiting for something to guide you without feeling that if you become conscious of your own Self, you will eventually feel what is the right path for you. I believe that it all flows from the Self, if you know your Self, everything else will fall into place. Therefore, it is not a question of knowing the Self of your twin, but knowing your own deepest Self. So how can I get to my twin soul then? You must make the decision that you must get your Self back in every single way. You cannot get the Self of your twin soul back to you, if you don’t have your own Self back to you first. Your twin soul will always mirror back to you whatever situation you find yourself in. Therefore, your twin soul can actually mirror back to you that you are lost. You must regain control of your Self to not feel lost with your twin soul or in your twin soul situation. A fact is if you feel that you are lost in whatever situation you are in, your twin soul will mostly likely also feel lost. You might not be able to talk to your twin soul openly about this, but a fact is that if you feel that you are lost energetically, your twin soul cannot help, but to pick this up in his / her own soul half. Therefore, it is a question all the time of getting ones own inner Self back and in this way to be staying in balance. It is about achieving a ”realization of the Self”. This means that in your individual Self of who you are, you have potential gifts and longings with what you want to do with your life. Some people will say: I just want to be with my twin soul – that is all I want to do with my life. The truth is if all you want with your life is to be with another person, twin soul or soul mate, you will not have achieved any ”realization of your own Self”. You will not know who you are or what you want to do with your life. You will have lost your sense of Self.

Self Realization means that instead of focusing on your twin soul, you focus instead on using all your God given talents and this way becoming the whole you that you can be. You become ”whole” in you. Now wholeness does not mean that you do not need other people in your life. Wholeness means that you are strong and safe in your Self. You trust and know that you can be yourself 100 % without feeling that you are missing something inside of you. You use all your God given gifts and potentials to turn yourself more into you. In this way you are completely true to yourself, you use the abilities and gifts that you have. For this reason it is no longer a question of the twin souls being each other or trying to be each other, but a question of each of them being their true individual selves, actively living a life according to their full potential, doing what each of them does best. They are ONE soul, but two individual, two selves.

Twin Souls can easily lose themselves in each other

The twin soul relationship is the relationship on earth where you are most likely to lose yourself in the other half. Some will say that if you are strong in your Self, this cannot happen, but one thing that has to be taken seriously into account when it comes to the twin soul is that love is very seductive. You feel unconditional love for the other half and this feeling can actually lead you to become Selfless in your love for him / her. For this reason the twin soul relationship is all the time also a relationship that one has with oneself. One has to be aware and conscious about not losing oneself to the twin on many occasions, because when the loss of ones self happens, both twins will be lost. The paradox is of course that you cannot merge into the other half without losing yourself in the union.

What does “loss of SELF” mean?

Your longing and desperation for your twin soul is so intense and so painful, you will do everything possible to be with him / her. In this way you ignore your own self, lose your inner balance and don’t really care about yourself. I am sure that many people who have met and merged with their twins recognize this situation. Here it is again a question of taking oneself back fully and to be acknowledging to oneself that I must be Myself fully to GIVE and RECEIVE love. Even though you share the same energies with your twin, you have your own qualities and gifts that make you the person you are. You need to be you, the whole you that can be a magnet to your twin soul. Your twin soul cannot be an ”entity” that you want to connect with to feel more complete and whole within yourself. All living people on Earth are physical, so when you meet your twin soul, you will meet a human being with human feelings, not just a perfect soul entity that can give you everything you feel missing inside of you. Your twin soul is the other half of you, a whole human being, but there will still be human flaws, weaknesses, desires and talents of that person. Everything that makes him / her human. This also means that even though twin souls are ONE energetically and can merge into each other, sometimes at the human level they will still experience human conflicts. Sometimes at the personal level twin souls don’t necessarily get along. Other times twin souls struggle with differences in personality.

Detachment – How To Liberate Your Soul

It can be difficult to be fully present in your own life and focus on your own growth and spiritual change, if you are too emotionally involved with your twin during some sort of separation or other testing times. It is very difficult for a human being who knows his / her twin as a physical human being to let go of being too emotionally attached to him / her, simply because as a human being it is hard not to be too spiritually, emotionally, and physically attracted to ones own twin soul. When we focus too much on another person in our lives who is important to us, we focus less on ourselves and this person becomes the center of our lives. Sooner or later this ”other-focus” gets in the way of ones own soul liberation and spiritual growth process. One difficult step is necessary and that is as much as it is possible you must try to detach yourself emotionally, so that being involved with the other person doesn’t keep you from growing spiritually on your own. Detachment means that you trust your twin soul to be strong enough to handle his / her own growth without your emotional interference.

Detachment also means that you trust the higher powers enough to know that you cannot be responsible for other people, so you let go of trying to control other people emotionally or otherwise. Detachment is a tough lesson to learn, because as human beings we are used to being driven by emotions in our relationships. We cannot control who we love or how we feel, but feeling very strongly for another person can be a ”detour” when it comes to ones own growth, because we get to focus on the other person. We try to change the other person where it is only ourselves that we can change. For twin soul couples detachment is necessary, but difficult to learn because twin souls are so much part of each other energetically. Detachment is a healthy necessary step, because as you take your mind off the other person and focus on yourself instead, you give both yourself and the other person the chance and space to grow spiritually and as human beings.

Union on Earth

Uniting with the twin soul on Earth in a relationship has to do with readiness, especially individual readiness of each of the twins. Each of them must have achieved an inner sense of WHOLENESS which will make them feel that although they are part of each other, they are still two individuals, whole in themselves. One of the most important reasons why WHOLENESS is important when it comes to twin souls is that twin souls must be two whole selves so they will not experience a constant loss of Self in their union.

Knowing The Soul

The feeling of separation did occur in some sense, because we cannot KNOW the soul unless we have felt the separation at the inner levels of our own soul. Separation can both be separation from God, our own inner selves and the separation from the twin soul. You cannot know WHO you are at the very center of your soul unless you have felt a part of yourself missing. The journey is very complex in this sense, because in order to unite with the other half, you must realize that separation as we know it took place so that we could KNOW the self and the soul. Inner WHOLENESS must be achieved, because even when the twin souls are “separated” – the “fragments”, the twin halves, are a WHOLE in themselves, although they are a spiritual unit together.