The confidence in yourself, is the confidence in your beloved. Nothing is out of you, all is within. You see the things under the veil of your mind’s conditionings, your past experiences, of suffering, being cheated on, disappointments, and the absence of real love.

Real love is pure, real love is a blessing, it could never hurt you, and will never leave you. It could never disappear, or fade away, rather than this: it will grow.

Real love is your essence, and the very essence of the Twin Flame connection, it never dies, it will last forever, it always WAS, it always IS and it always WILL BE.

Trust in yourself, trust in your Twin and trust in the connection. Your bond is sacred, As soon as you get aware of this, and make the shadows of your past experiences in your mind disappear, you will start to live in the Paradise of your heavenly love. 🙂

Let go of your fears, your jealousy, you are worthy of miracles in your life, and you’re blessed to have met your Twin Flame in this current life, enjoy it.

Even if you’re not together yet, be sure that when you heal you attract your Twin, and if you heal he / she will heal with you.

Being the best version of yourself, will attract the best version of your Twin. Keep on growing, developing your spirituality, expanding your consciousness, your love for all of creation.. and everything that surrounds you. BE the LOVE. Feel it in every inch of your being.

Be grateful for that immense gift you’ve received, the other half of your soul, and real love will stay with you, until the end of times..

Love and blessings