As long as we surrender to the situation we are already living, and to the divinity, and debugging the emotional and mental body, we’re getting to the stage of “glow”.

There is no set time for any stage, the time, actually is defined by us as soon we accept, heal, give up. We will have to surrender a thousand of times, it is an ongoing process: you do not agree, I accept, I refuse, I flow.. over and over again.

We are increasing our consciousness. We’re moving from pride, anger, sadness, despair, to the courage, will, acceptance and trust in the love and in the process we are experiencing. We will feel our hearts soften and notice a true compassion flowing from us to others. Those around us will begin to feel it, and it will be nice to be near to us.

But as we move into the stage of surrender we’ll begin to notice strong changes in our energy and our body at the cellular level. Our body has to be transformed to support a new frequency of light and love.

For this reason we may feel tired, we can be more sensitive to the energy around us. Listen to your body, listen to what it’s asking of you, to make this transformation easier.

The Glow stage may be marked by the awakening of Kundalini, and it is a natural process. It doesn’t involve any effort or any specific practice on our part. It will just be a natural process that emerges from this purification, transformation and consciousness shift. If you force it with some technical tools, it will be very different from the natural process and will not mean that you have reached the Glow stage.

Sometimes the awakening of Kundalini occurs by interaction with the soul of our Twin Flame, and all the above discussed symptoms preceding this awakening. Accept the way things happen to you, there is neither good or bad, it just is what it is, and the stages are a simple guide to what happens to most of us in this process.

Annette Ruiz