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“And when one of them shall meet their other half, the true half of themselves, the pair shall be lost in an astonishment of love, friendship and intimacy, and one shall no longer be able to disappear from each other’s view, not even for a moment.”


2500 years ago.

The birth of Twin Flames

The Eastern spiritual philosophies, as established in the Bhagavad Gita, the Veda’s from the Hinduism and many other writings of the ancient wise, teach us that the soul was created as one: a unity of both male and female. The idea that the soul has split itself in two sexes has been formulated throughout the centuries by philosophers, poets and spiritual teachers. An understandable image of the Twin Flame was created twenty-five years ago, in a legend that has always triggered the imagination of the Western world: in Plato’s “Symposium”, Aristophanes compliments love, as he describes how Zeus has split the soul into two opposite halves which both wander the Earth, in an eternal search for each other.

Throughout the entire Universe, Twin Flames will be drawn towards each other by the cord of memory that connects them. They recognize each other with an absolute certainty, and can never leave each other’s sides. It is a search through many lifetimes, en during all these lifetimes the two of them will have certainly met before. However, each time –previously- their connection was not complete.

Perhaps the Twin Flame concept can only now, in the Aquarius Era, gain knowledge, and we have not been ready for the ultimate completion until today.

Two human souls, born from one and the same soul, and therefore known to each other during many incarnations on earth. They complement each other, and help each other through their process of development. Twin Flames are both each other’s opposites, and the perfection of themselves. They experience the sense of perfect unity.

Their love is unconditional. Twin Flames are destined for each other, they are meant for each other. Their connection is immensely strong: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. After meeting your Twin Flame, your life changes forever, and the attraction you feel towards this person will be beyond this world: something you have never felt before.

By now we know that “the meeting” is linked to an immense transformation process: an enormous amount of pulling and pushing, letting go of many old fears, old patterns, old beliefs and expectations, and learning to love unconditionally.

When the fear has subsided, and both Twin Flames are connected to their Higher Selves, the love will draw them towards each other like magnets. However, as soon as the slightest amount of fear comes back, it will cause the Twin to create distance and walk away from love by pushing the other half off, by running.

In only a short amount of time, Twin Flames can take a huge leap on their spiritual journey. Many things get clarified, and insights that had been lingering deep within will surface.

The ‘character’ of the Twin Flame connection

  • telepathic contact
  • picking up physical distortions of your other half
  • emotional blockage (like a young child)
  • finding everything about your Twin wonderful: you feel enormously (sexually) attracted to them, while they may not even be your type
  • battle, misunderstanding, resistance, fights, denial, confusion, loneliness, loss of focus, insomnia, heart ache (physically and mentally)
  • spiritual development within one of the Twins, while the other (often) still lives in their ego.
  • letting go from, or losing certain people around you because they no longer “match” with you.
  • excruciating Soul pain (when physically separated from each other, or when your Twin pushes you away)
  • your patience is put through an enormous test which can take years
  • there simply aren’t any words to describe the deep, intense feelings you have for your Twin
  • disability to be intimate with another person (even willing to remain alone when your Twin is too afraid to come into your life)
  • polarities (huge differences in character)
  • most Twin Flames chose a career in social service (at least one of the two): many Twins are doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, therapists, coaches, ER-employees, fire fighters, etc.
  • your surroundings don’t understand you (anymore). Usually you are being told to “let them go”. Well meant advices, but obviously impossible!
  • Synchronicities (for example: you see your Twin’s name everywhere). You receive confirmations from the Universe again, and again

Three types of Twin Flame situations:

1. one of the two is ‘stuck’ in a marriage
2. one of the two is not ready to commit, does not believe in love (anymore) or looks for appreciation with countless others.
3. you are being separated by religion

Twin Flame versus Soul Mate

The Twin Flame is often confused with the Soul Mate. The main difference between them is that Twin Flames are one: they are a unity, they came from one and the same soul. The Soul Mate came from many other souls (soul family).

Souls usually incarnate in groups near each other, and have -aside from an individual purpose- a collective purpose as a group. Within such a group each individual can take their own place, usually as a consequence from many previous incarnations. One soul has often had the same role in a long range of incarnations. During all these lifetimes one has created many strong bonds with other members of their “soul family”, of which there were often love relationships as well. These related souls are called Soul Mates. The recognition of a Soul Mate is experienced by many people as wondrous. The similarities in feelings are just as intense as when meeting your Twin Flame; nearly identical, even. So basically, the difference is hardly noticeable at first. Later on, this will become more and clearer.

Soul Mates will walk the path towards healing (emotional maturing, self-love and self-respect) together: next to each other, in a friendship and / or love relationship. Twin Flames, however, walk this path of transformation separately, individually. This is also called the “bridge over” or separation.

Twin Flames share something very special together. As soon as they first meet, first lock eyes, the love between them is extremely intense. This feeling dismisses all logic and everything “normal”. However, one is never higher, better, or more beautiful than another. Creating distinction is a tool of the brain; the ego. Twin Flames have been linked together since the moment of creation, but the feeling of recognition and the intense love nearly always resembles meeting a Soul Mate. However, Twin Flames are two parts of one union, so there is no discussing their unity: it is an unbreakable bond. One Twin has usually followed a majority of male incarnations, while the other has gone through a majority of female incarnations. Nevertheless, both souls will gain experience incarnating as the other sex as well, to fully experience mankind in all its aspects. Before birth, a “blueprint” is known, in which is described what the incarnation will look like, should everything go according to plan. So before incarnating on earth, it has already been set in stone whether or not you will meet your Twin Flame in this life. Sometimes both Twins will not incarnate at the same time, but one will function as the guide of their other half.

Twin Flames are walking the journey towards awareness, individually. Soul Mates will go through this process together. Twins usually experience a (physical) separation during this difficult path of healing. Usually this occurs after the “pulling and pushing” phase (the phase in which one often speaks of ‘the runner’ and ‘the stayer’). The agony of temporary separation can go immensely deep, you can even become ill. However, this excruciating (traumatic) pain has been experienced before, during the splitting of the soul many light-years ago. So basically, this is a déja-vu.

Twin Flames mirror each other. They are meant for each other in every aspect. It is destined, a two-unity.

Karmic relationships

You can recognize a karmic meeting by immediately having the feeling you ‘already know’ the other, or getting a sensation of trust. Often there is also a mutual sense of attraction, something forcing in the air, causing you to want to be together and discover each other. When the opportunity arises for both partners, this strong attraction can grow into a love relationship, or a serious case of being in love. These feelings can be so intense that you think you have met your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate. Yet, there is a difference in experiencing these relationships regarding Karmic connection. This considers relationships of people who have met in previous lives, in which they have experienced intense emotions towards each other. There was something unresolved about these emotions: guilt, fear, co-dependence, infidelity, harm, etc. Because of this unresolved emotional load, these people attract each other again in another incarnation. The goal of these renewed meetings is that the unresolved emotions can be resolved after all. This manifests by reviving the old ways of treating each other for a short while (repetition of the old situation), and then presenting both partners with the choice to act differently now. The spiritual goal of the renewed meeting, is making different choices in this lifetime than in the previous.

Twin Flames have little (or no) karma to resolve. They meet -first and foremost- to begin their own individual and spiritual journey inwards, towards themselves, so that they can rediscover each other again later on, from equality and wholeness. The romance between Twin Flames is of course, present, but eventually they will attract each other again to serve mankind, to spread love.


Is the recognition between Twin Flames mutual? It is, on soul level. However, there can be practical and emotional circumstances which cause one of the Twins to resist recognizing their other half.

So how do you know you have met your Twin Flame? There is a deep, overpowering inner knowing. It is a love, so big and disorganizing, that you can hardly get around it. It touches you in the core of your very soul. Naturally, you can have this confirmed by a Twin Flame coach, or a medium specialized in soul love. Longing to meet your Twin creates nothing but confusion. Not everyone will meet their Twin Flame in this life. Twin Flame love is unique, and the most ultimate and intense kind of love in existence. It happens to you, it comes over you. Looking for it has no use whatsoever.

Pulling and pushing

Twin Flames experience an (eternal) pulling and pushing. We are all under a telepathic connection from the moon. Even though this is no planet, you are most definitely involved with it. The moon regulates the pulling and pushing. You can compare it with the Yin and Yang symbol: Yin symbolizes the pulling, while Yang symbolizes the pushing, like day and night, man and woman, positive and negative. The Twin Flame connection is intensified during the pulling and pushing process.


Because Twin Flames symbolize Yin and Yang, the pulling and pushing can eternally continue, you cannot change ones character. A human being cannot be fixed. The transformation process goes a lot deeper that we can imagine. It has nothing to do with changing your personality (your character, which is formed starting at three years of age). Basically it is about striving for wholeness, from the inside. It is the way to self-love and self-respect on a tremendously high level.

Twin Flames can be heavily tested by any imaginable conflict. Eventually, the magnetic attraction between Twin Flames will be so strong that every obstacle shall be overcome.

Aspects of a Soul Connection (Soul Mate / Twin Flame)

  • the love for each other seems to erupt ‘magnetically’, there is nothing you have to do.
  • you feel a tremendously strong sense of unity
  • you feel unconditional love towards each other
  • you have never experienced this intense kind of love before
  • it feels like ‘coming home’
  • you know this is the ultimate love
  • anything besides love in your life becomes less important and more relative
  • you understand aspects of life you had never understood before
  • it feels like you have known each other forever
  • you feel completed
  • you are each other’s ultimate mirror
  • you know exactly how the other is feeling
  • you know things about each other that are actually impossible for you to know
  • you don’t have to say a word to be able to communicate
  • you have a strong sense of recognition
  • you feel energy ‘dancing’ between the two of you
  • you sense you have a mission together in this life
  • you know something very, very special is going on
  • everything ‘falls into place’in your life, and you see more links and connections
  • it can be an entrance, see-through of sneak-preview to the non-material life
  • you have always had the feeling something was ‘missing’ in your life, and you finally know what it was
  • it’s a key that opens the door towards yourself
  • you pick up on each other’s thoughts and moods
  • your characters are complimentory (two opposites of one being) but your values and attitude in life are similar, and your professions may even be alike
  • before meeting each other, you have both gone through a period of loneliness, or a period of coming back to your senses
  • every phone call or ‘date’ with the other seems like the first, and each time creates butterflies again
  • you are drawn to each other like magnets, want to touch each other continuously or  want to be together constantly
  • telepathic contact
  • meeting each other in dreams
  • you can strongly sense each other’s mood, when together and from a distance
  • what you share with your Twin Flame cannot be compared to any other relationship or friendship. The feeling you experience towards each other will not occur with anybody else
  • pulling and pushing
  • being buddies through thick and thin, and forgiving each other despite of the difficult times that arise during the pulling and pushing. Like a parent-child relationship, there is an unconditional love from the very start
  • the unconditional aspect only disappears when the ego becomes too strong, and starts acting and thinking from fear
  • an enormous amount of conflicts, which can drive you apart. However, Twin Flames always return to each other
  • every meeting, kisss, touch, look, etc., feels like the first: it will always be fun and exciting
  • often, without knowing, you have been close to each other (your house, school, etc.)
  • no matter how hard one pulls, or the other pushes; Twin Flames are always connected, and nothing can come in between
  • you can miss each other terribly, feeling like you have been amputated
  • Twin Flames always cross each other’s path again once the fear subsides, and the missing surfaces
  • you can feel misunderstood, your surroundings will not understand you (anymore)

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