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Imagine meeting them.. Your “other half”, your ultimate mirror. The only way is to know it in your heart, and the heart is ecstatic, like true love. Twin Flame love is the most intense and highest achievable kind of love, and it gives you all necessary tools to develop yourself personally. It is a love that is both disorganizing and grand at the same time.

Twin Flames are ‘Universal’ female souls, and ‘Universal’ male souls. When these energies merge, there is an extreme amount of magnetic and spiritual harmony. The Universal Twin Flame love-energy flows sensibly in every cell, they are each other’s ultimate mirror. The pressure of Universal faith brings them together. The Higher Consciousness reconnects them again, and again, sensible in all seven chakra’s. And sensible in the very cosmic energy of the Universe.

The Twin Flame love-energy causes vibrations that allow you to experience unity. It is the energy of the integration from inner polarities, of every individual. Creating and manifesting. The love-vibration between Twin Flames gives mankind a boost, and this will be both visible and sensible. It is time to wake up. It is time for the new Gold Earth.

After meeting your Twin Flame, you awaken spiritually and you learn to love unconditionally. You can be presented with unexplainable, physical discomforts and changes, like an accelerated heart frequency. Also clair-sentience, clair-cognizance and clair-voyance will develop rapidly. Aside from all this, you often experience shifts in your emotional mood that can affect you tremendously: you can go from complete faith and inner knowing, to despair and doubt within minutes. One moment you have complete and utter faith, and the next you don’t believe any of it at all anymore!

Twin Flame-love is not something you can comprehend with your normal intelligence, it expands far beyond any kind of “regular” love and it just happens to you. It is strengthened and guided by the Universe, you cannot choose it, and you are going to have to deal with it. So, no matter how tempting it may sound at times: do not fight it. Receive this intense love and embrace it with a thousand arms. Keep believing in it. Even when you reach the emotional roller coaster. All has been decided prior to incarnating here. Know that you are supposed to do something together, have faith in the promise of reunion and remember that you are dealing with the most intense, highest achievable kind of love that little of us get to experience. The only thing that is important to remember, is that Twin Flame hearts are the tools of love, and only, only the ego can make you believe that you are separated. The brain is ego’s tool.

Twin Flame-love offers you ultimate and optimal personal development, and it is the way of transformation of the heart, and letting go of ego. It is an intense experience, feels undeniably deep and regularly gets you stuck in your emotional world. Misunderstanding, denial, distance and repelling behavior are inherent. To your surroundings you seem enigmatic, the people around you cannot comprehend why you have “suddenly changed all that much”. However, a soul love as huge and intense as this cannot be described with our deficient Earthly vocabulary, and can be incredibly difficult to carry. It touches the core of your soul.

After meeting your Twin you can feel hopelessly lonely and not understood at all. Anything you believed in regarding ‘normal’ love gets crumbled full throttle. The love you know from romantic movies and books requires new insights. You cannot associate yourself with it anymore, and you are no longer able to continue as an individual. You and your Twin are one: a unity, two flames of the fire of life. You are so close, that you seem to be one being. Forever the perfect “double strength” of life. You have been ‘renewed’ in this, forever, again and again. And this is -to say the least- incredibly difficult.

Furthermore, you are to learn to love unconditionally. Unconditional love is the kind of love you experience when you have children. The secret to loving unconditionally, is to try and dismiss ‘if’: you say “I love you.”, and not “I love you, if..” Twin Flame-love goes beyond this, because pure love merely gives, and does not expect anything in return.

We are in the middle of the Aquarius Era. In every ‘now’ new meetings and recognitions occur due to this lightning bolt. To create new love, to expand it. When you experience the truth of your heart, there is no doubt you are half of a Twin Flame couple, that another person exists with you, heartbeat to heartbeat. It is written in your heart, and it moves deeply within your being, far away from any words or concepts.

Twin Flames are the lightworkers in the rhythm on a heart level. They are united to make the cosmic energy dance once again, and burn within the hearts of mankind. Know that reunion will occur. The only reason why the outer world thinks this will not happen, is because they are listening from the wrong frequency, from the wrong station. They are listening to the channel of division.

Are you having doubts of your own? Ask your heart, and listen. Silence your mind, and feel your heart presenting you with the answer. When you are making up answers, thinking them, you are in the wrong place. When you feel the answers, you are right.

During your journey towards your Twin Flame you can get lost in doubt. However, your ‘team’ is always present to confirm again and again that you are on the right track, that you are not crazy. You can experience situations that cannot be caused by mere coincidence. There are many symbolisms connected to this love, from running into their name constantly to intuitive paintings that seem to pass on messages. Twin Flames are rising, whirling and pulsating symbolisms of life.

In the beginning, we had a perfect connection and were perfectly attuned to each other. Together we are returning slowly but steadily, to this wonderful state of unity.

Physical attraction
When you are truly Twin Flames, your entire body knows. It is imbued with this knowing. A fountain of light is what you experience when your bodies merge: the mental body is imbued with this ecstatic energy. Twin Flames have an enormous sense of attraction towards each other: you are left with no choice but to merge. This merge is nothing but the merging of your souls, connecting through your bodies. It is a bundling of energy, of forces, attracting each other through the genitalia.

The sexuality between Twin Flames is -aside from primary, raw- also highly spiritual and therefor ‘divine’. During love making you can experience the sense of acting fully and completely out of instinct: there is a complete surrender. You can sense each other perfectly, and the rhythm of your sacred hearts beats equally. Every sense of barrier, blockage and shame is completely dismissed.  Because of this physical merging there is no need to exchange words, as words would bring down this intense experience. Basically, this is a sexual, sacred merge you have never experienced this way before.

In case of merging, in love and complete acceptance, you may also experience staring into each other’s eyes until everything around you fades away. This is a form of osmosis, in which energie is transferred from one to the other, and vice versa. This is why, at first, you communicate through the eyes, and not through other body parts. The eyes are the windows of the soul..

Twin Flames are one, and have always been one, but when they merge they become one soul (again). This may cause losing track of who is who. The individuality ceases to exist: you are one with your Twin, and you can feel this unity.

When this infinite love is connected to the heart, and when lower instincts are overcome, a transformation from the consciousness will occur.

The ‘honeymoon phase’
After the very first (physical) ‘reunion’, a short silence between the Twin Flames follows. Often, this is meant as preparation for the ‘honeymoon-phase’: the phase of extreme amorousness, fully and completely getting lost in each other, discovering each other on a physical (and sexual) level. The honeymoon-phase is an intense, torrid period in which one completely surrenders to the other, because they feel like they ‘came home’. As half of a Twin Flame couple, deep inside you know ‘finally, I have found him / her.” However, you do not completely understand what has truly happened to you.

Unfortunately the honeymoon-phase for each Twin -especially the one who is aware of the connection- lasts way too short: the “newly rendez-vous” lasts roughly between two and six months. After this period, the first cracks start to show, and the Twin Flame couple falls back into pulling and pushing: a phase that can lasts for months, if not years.

Pulling and pushing
In the pulling and pushing phase, you will mainly have to deal with sensations of homesickness, the feeling of being amputated, and you cannot understand why the love between you seems to have ‘ended’ so suddenly. An ‘ending’ is, of course, a creation of the brain, because the brain constantly tries to find ‘reasons and understanding’. You simply cannot explain with your logically reasoning brain. And that is, certainly, perfectly human. However, it will not work. And the fact that this will not work is the complete and utter truth, because Twins are energetically one, on a soul level.

When you (seemingly) are hurt by your Twin, this can cause the well-known pulling and pushing, also known as the ‘runner and chaser’ dynamic. We are programmed for this phase of ‘running and chasing’, and of course this does serve a purpose. But at a certain point, the perfect Universal moment, the phase of pulling and pushing stops. After this, if concluded in your blueprint, you go into the bridging period. If this bridging period occurs after the pulling and pushing phase, it means you are not ready to commit to a relationship on a human level: a ‘journey inwards’ is an absolute necessity.

Before you incarnated on earth, you have decided together which roads you would walk. Especially this often causes misunderstanding, tension and confusion. Try to remain centered, in your own power and observe intuitively. It is a fallacy to think of your Twin as someone who could hurt you. Try to look at the incomplete, not-healed parts of yourself. Those are your main lessons! The integration process will take time. Rome was not built in a day either, you see? Open yourself up, undergo, experience.

Many Twin Flames are convinced that it is the other, or the connection itself causing so much pain, but what they do not realize is that it’s really themselves. So, when you attract each other, and then push away again, you experience over and over the ‘conditional’ love brings the incomplete, not-healed parts of yourself to the surface. Even though you do not see each other (a lot)  in this phase.

To eventually achieve unity (on a physical level) basically, the awakening of both the male and female consciousness and your own wholeness is necessary. Everything deep within you is connected to emotional pain, not feeling loved or accepted. Therefore, you are presented with a chance to heal this. Also, you ‘learn’ how to function separately from your Twin, to feel just as good and whole alone as with them. When you can cherish your Twin from joy, love them unconditionally and are able to naturally allow them to walk their own paths, you have gained another Universal diploma.

Never forget the energetic exchange from that very first moment, the very first time you locked eyes. The moment you felt yourself coming home. You cannot rationalize this away. Always remain centered, within your own energy. It already requires enough of you to remain standing to begin with: a lot is being expected from you. You are to renew the image of love, and aside from that you are expected to show this love. You will be left with many question marks, but turn these question marks into exclamation marks. In short: keep having faith and surrender. You cannot influence the process, and you cannot influence your Twin.

You are to lift the veil of illusion, and the veil of separation because you are always one with your Twin Flame. The connection of the soul is the actual truth of this bond.

The bridging period
After the pulling and pushing phase, you sense distance is being created between the two of you, and that you seem to have ‘lost’ each other (energetically). This bridging period is meant to unite each other’s polarities. You know who your other half is, you have sensed him (or her) and you have seen right through them. Make sure you stay true to yourself in this period, and always remember you are one: one split soul divided over two different bodies. Should we have been together with our Twin Flame from day one, we would not have been able to look inside ourselves this deeply, to find our own being, our own consciousness. This temporary separation is necessary, because it is the only way we will be able to reunite with our other half. The souls are already entangled, and living together from pure love.

In this bridging period, or ‘silent’ period, you have to make sure that love for yourself dominates at all time. If you sense this is not the case yet, you are to work on your self-love. This could also very well be the way to self-love and self-respect. We have been programmed to grow as an individual during this time of separation.

This transformation occurs separately, individually, so that all can be clarified and united. Remember you are never cut off from your Twin. Remember your individuality has served a purpose, and was never the core of this love. Remember you are meant to reunite, if this has been concluded in your blueprint.

The ego of your soul love is not in any way stronger that the will of the cosmos. Or, differently phrased; the will of the ego is not in any way stronger than the will of the soul! The soul desires love and harmony. If you had been ready for each other now, you would have already been together. So, there are still parts of you that require healing.

No, you will not lose each other: you are one, a two-unity. Your connection will never end, it is constant. You are dealing with a sacred contract, a sacred marriage, it has been prenatally decided to meet your other half in this incarnation. Complaints can be turned in in triple at the gates of heaven. However, due to your soul love, you will commit to a most wonderful relationship with yourself!

Due to your (limited) ‘free choice’ not a single psychic or medium can tell you when you will reunite. This is up to you, and up to your other half, and also depends on dealing with other matters beneath the surface. You can -just as your soul love- commit to your soul path. Remember: “the goal is not your learning school, it is the road towards it that manifests the greatest lessons of all: it causes you to grow, and growing hurts.” Should you know when exactly you would reunite with your Twin, you would lean back, sit, and wait until this moment arrives. But then, you simply would not grow. So, we are to eliminate all these conditionings, expectations, and the desire to know how it will ‘end’, because we would stand in our own way and dismiss what still needs to go through our souls.

All these difficulties are in facts tests for our indigence, therefore we are to return to this connection on a soul level. If you do this and acknowledge this, you will elevate yourself to a higher vibration: the preparation of our own growth, and experiencing unity with your Twin Flame and your soul family.

Twin Flames will fully reunite when pure love is reflected. Only then, they will come together, through mutual love. They have to be open from the heart to be able to love, and not block this, or deny it.

To clarify: transforming is a long and slow process, especially for the ‘crowd outside’, no matter how close they are to you. Waiting to complete this transformation would not be a wise thing to do. Waiting also means influencing, and in general has a very delaying effect on the transformation process. One who waits, does not live in the moment, but wants something from it: especially something the moment is not offering. In fact, you are telling this moment: “you better hurry up, and be where I want you to be as quickly as possible”. By doing this, you are throwing dirt in your own eyes. Patience and faith are your only rocks to hold onto.

The Twin Flame journey really is about constant surrender to every now-moment, keeping in touch with the vision and emotion from the inside, of what is developing and will be in this life. Everything is unfolding in utter perfection, and it really is our own perception that wants to see this otherwise.

Disclaimer: all rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl