Synchronicities are subtle signals and answers to questions we get all the time. You just have to be aware of the signals in order to capture them. Once you are aware, you can can recognize them quite easily by simply asking “what do you mean?”. There are a lot of ways in which synchronicities manifest:

• parts of a conversation overheard by chance
• running into someone you were thinking about unexpectedly
• strange dreams
• a song that you suddenly hear
• a stone in a certain shape
• a cloud in a certain shape
• opening a book on a specific page
• certain numbers or initials that catch your eye
• a sudden, inner voice
• a breath of inspiration
• a phrase overheard in a TV commercial, or by a random stranger in the

As you can see, these little signals are everywhere, and they are all telling you something. Learn to listen to the subtle messages that life is giving you. You might be surprised about the many ways in which answers to your questions are presented to you.