I will share a meditation that I received from my inner Guide and I feel I should now transmit in writing, until I can record it:


Relax in your favorite place in the house where you feel that you will not be interrupted, in a pleasant environment for your body, you may be lying, and if you want, and you feel cold, you can cover yourself with a blanket, you should be as comfortable as possible.

Begin breathing deeply, taking air in your diaphragm displaying it is golden light flowing through your body and fills it up, this light is sent by your Guides and Masters to protect you, to envelop you in an invulnerable bubble that energetically will protect you of everything which is not of the highest vibration.

Go relaxing your body as you breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling, breathe in golden light, and exhale your fears, worries and problems, look how they will dissipate slowly, while you’re relaxing part by part, all your body, take your time …

Relax your feet, feel like they weigh, relax your legs, slowly, your back, each vertebra is getting relaxed, your arms and shoulders, they release all tension, your neck, your head, your face muscles will relax, you’ll feel like you are invaded by the peace and calm, now you feel like floating …

Visualize your twin flame, he or she is lying, visualize him in his room, in his bed, relaxed and calmed, feel how your Angels come to take you, and leave your physical body by letting them carry you where your twin flame is.

Visualize as you arrive and are greeted by him, his eyes are plenty of love and light, his soul is beaming with joy to see you arrive and feel you near, he takes your hand, andinvites you to lie down beside him.

Feel how you merge into the sweetest hug and holding hands, you lie on his chest, you and him have your hands placed over your hearts, one in the other respectively.

Suddenly both hearts are lit in pink and green light, which is growing in spirals that grow in circles, both of you have your own circle of green and pink light, they grow, flooding the room, expanding both circles by themselves gradually to form a giant symbol of infinity that completely covers and lights all over the place.

While you remain looking at the beautiful lights and the infinity symbol, its ecstatic wonder and the beauty of its colors, you are feeling the heat in your chest, the warmth of love expanding and melting your hearts becoming one. Two hearts beating at the same rate, fused into one, turned into love and light.

Enjoy this exchange of divine energies, boundless love, fill yourself both from each other …

live this experience, feel it, take your time …

It’s time to leave now, with your hearts filled with light and turned on, both will melt again in that embrace that gives you peace and healing, kiss with profound love and say goodbye until the next meeting …

Your Angels are waiting at the door of the room, you will go with them back to your place, and to your physical body.

Back and following the rhythm of deep breaths, you will slowly recover the consciousness of your room, the place where you are doing themeditation, with your heart lit with your light and your twin flame´s light, knowing that you are already one, and he or she already lives within you, you will start to move your feets, slowly every part of your body, your hands, at your own pace, until you finally open your eyes and return to your physical reality and continue with your normal duties.
Give thanks to the Divine Source for this wonderful experience.