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Twin Flame Update by my Twin Flame Usakhar – 29 July 2014 – Multidimensional Ocean

Twin flames share a lot in common in the higher realms. They share a lot of unbelievable love in terms of 3D love, but they also share their lives. That is past lives, present lives, parallel lives, and future lives.
They support each other for each challenge and difficulty in all and always.
They also share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences. There is literally no secret that can be kept from one another.
They know all about each other’s loves, lovers, passions, jealousies, shortcomings. If you wish to hide anything from your twin flame, think again. All is known from your twin. There is nothing that can be withheld from him or her.
Your thoughts and feelings merge together and melt. They blend in as one. All is shared and talked about with your twin during the night, and during the day on the higher spheres of existence.
Many of you resent this sharing experience, and imagine all sorts of embarrassing moments, especially around romance and sexuality with other lovers.
We wish to reassure you that the bond you share with your twin flame is nothing like any human relationship. There is no sense of possession into it, there is only pure love and freedom.
Just because we share the other twin’s love experiences, it does not mean that we are critical or jealous of those experiences.
The bond between twin flames cannot be broken, no matter what, so that the twin flames are always connected and know each other’s feelings at any time.
There is no sense of insecurity with your twin flame, because nobody else can possibly ever understand you and fulfill you more than your twin flame.
No other being can replace or do what your twin flame does for you. Never.
Therefore, your twin flame is also your true confidant and your most adoring lover, with whom all will be shared for ever.
Because of the twin flame connection, and because of the heart connection, all the feelings of love between you two are always shared, and amplified by your constant love and adoration. This is sensed in permanence by the twins, and reflected back to each other. Because of that, the love between twin flames can only grow exponentially.
You may have felt an ocean of unexplored love, passion and joy open up to you shortly after connecting with your twin flame. This is explained by the connection from the higher spheres and the deep love that you have been sharing for one another from the dawn of time.
With very much love.
Channel: Multidimensional Ocean