~ by Sophie Bashford, July 25, 2014:

The Twin Flame connection is being prepared to take a huge step
forwards during the upcoming Lion’s Gate star-portal.

This is all happening on a deep, energetic level beneath the surface of 3D awareness. The Twin Flame activation process sparks off significant cellular and frequency changes within the body and chakras. It can also catalyse shifts in the existing structures and foundations of your lives.

Everything must change in order to accommodate the Divine Twin Flame Partnership. It carries contracts that have their roots in ancient, most distant cosmic healing agreements. You two have vital work to carry out together. Your energies must combine in order to bring about significant and transformational projects that are necessary for the evolution of our planet.

You will both most likely have some resistance to this partnership being formed at some points during the reconnection process, because the Light sparked off in both of you is so great that it challenges your ego like nothing else.

Your Heart Chakra, however, simply cannot resist the enormous magnetic and ancient seductive pull of this Union. It goes beyond the stars, the heavens, the planets. It has its basis in the very origins of the Universe and Star Systems. It goes way, way beyond what your mind can comprehend.

You are both connected, and tuned in, to one another through ancient energetic links that are not rescindable. You cannot “say No” to what is happening here. Your body, mind, Soul and Heart wants it like nothing else you have ever experienced. It is beyond passion, beyond carnal desire, beyond emotional neediness. It is a compulsion to connect to the very Highest Spiritual expression of Who You Are, to honour the agreements concerning what you came to this planet to give and create, and to open your Heart to another Soul in total, complete, and unconditional Love.

During the next couple of weeks, the evolution of this process is deepening, strengthening and flowering. Hand all your worries, concerns and doubts to God. Stay centered in your Heart and your Center. Do not doubt the power of the Universal Forces of Light to unfold this connection in Divinely Perfect Ways; ways that defy logic and the sabotaging presence of fear.

You are under the benediction and grace of the True Twin Flame Reunion.

The Temple – Sophie Bashford