Hi everyone 🙂

Below, the first follow up-video to the one previously posted. Please, enjoy. 🙂


“Hello, in this video I speak about having NEW relationship with your Beloved Twin Flame, other people, and all new Spiritual connections and relationships with people, places things, foods, substances, and what will not exist, or cannot exist in your New 5D Union. I speak about YOU forming and customizing your own Personal and Twin Flame Template, and Blueprint. Having a NEW BLUEPRINT and TEMPLATE for life and Living, is instrumental in Healing, Thriving, rather than Surviving and Making Love rather than remaining stuck in old sexual situations, and old relationships which cannot or will not fully support the New Angelic that you are here to become and have in fact gradually been becoming. Everything is moving into place, and is also the very important BEING IN LOVE, PHYSICALLY, with your COunterpart and Yes if you are here in a Body, there is a 99-100% Chance that your Beloved is HERE also incarnated in a body, and that the only way, the ONLY way, is to MERGE your Template together to have the Fullness of BEING that so many have incarnated here to create and RECEIVE. Please enjoy! Patricia”

Disclaimer: all rights go to Patricia McNeilly from http://www.twinflamesmerge.com