Hello everyone. 🙂

Patricia McNeilly has made a new video for us, in which she explains that the end of this Twin Flame path in duality is near. Twin Flames will become One Flame. Please, enjoy.


“Hello in this video I talk about the end and the “beginning of the end” of the Old Paradigm and situations for many Twin Flames. The end of being “Twin Flames” and becoming “One Flames” [in Triality] This has been a long hard, painful and lonely situation particularly for those Twin Flame Counterparts who had once, long ago, have previously been living as 5D Ascended Beings in Atlantis, Lemuria, the Pleiades, in the Elemental Realms and many other places. I give an overview of what we have been getting rid of, and also the direction that things are going. The Promise which many have been holding in their Hearts is now coming into the time of Physical manifestation, and indeed many Twin Flames are melding into their Oneness gradually but persistently to be here for this time. I speak about how the energies of Distortion, Darkness, and what is also usable have been moved, or transmuted and the best of Memories been Archived into your Personal and Collective Akashic Record of all time. I talk about this cycle closing on this Portal from March till the End of July 2014. The Next cycle will begin and will enable others to “Step Up” onto the Bridge of Life for further, healing, and being in Love. Please Enjoy! Patricia”

Disclaimer: all rights go to Patricia McNeilly from http://www.twinflamesmerge.com