Below you will find a message to Twin Flames from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, originally by April D’Amato of Soul Star Healing in Connecticut. Thank you, Caroline, for sharing this.


This is not something easily understood because human words cannot express what Twin Flame love is.

It is an inherent part of who you are.
To know if you are a Twin Flame or not, you will know inside of your core, most of us that are Twin Flames have come into this life knowing they were meant to find their other half from the very beginning. It is not simply to find love or a relationship. It is to find the other half of your soul. It exceeds all human boundaries and limits. It is made manifest in every dimension of time and space.
This is a relationship that is not easily comprehended for anyone other than another Twin Flame. As a human non-Twin, to comprehend this, one would have to let go all human reality and see through their soul what Twin Flames are because it will defy their reality.

Each human that is NOT a Twin Flame has both aspects of masculine and feminine within them. For example: it would be 50 % Masculine Energy and 50% Feminine Energy within them. Now, explaining it that way will assist you in understanding that, that is the balance point of Masculine and Feminine Energy that is to be achieved within each and every human; but, for most of humanity they have been expressing more of one than the other; therefore, being out of balance. With the influx of Feminine Energy upon your planet at this time, it is assisting bringing each individual into balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies. Please understand that one is not better than the other as they are both needed for living a fully satisfying life upon this earth, but also for creation and change.

Now, with the human that IS a Twin Flame, aspects of masculine and feminine are different and meant to be. In a Twin Flame relationship -whether you are physically together yet or not- one human is the primary carrier of the feminine energy, and one human is the primary carrier of the masculine energy. This puts those individuals out of balance until their reunion occurs. So, using the simplification of what we explained above: the primary carrier of the Feminine Energy is 75% Feminine Energy and 25% Masculine Energy; whereas the carrier of the Masculine Energy is 75% Masculine Energy and 25% Feminine Energy. It is necessary for the Twin Flames to unite to balance out their own Masculine and Feminine Energies. The flooding of Feminine Energy on the planet is creating the awakening of the Feminine Energy within each and every human (Twin Flame or not), but this message is about the Twin Flames. The carrier of the Feminine Energy has had the greatest awakening to their role as a Twin in remembering who they are, because they are 75% Feminine. The carrier of the Masculine Energy has had their awakening as well; however, that is why it is slower for them to understand the call of their soul. They have 75% Masculine Energy which has held them in the prevalent energy on the planet. It is now that the calling of their 25% Feminine Energy is looking for their other half. We tell you this, because you, carriers of the Feminine Energy, are what they are being pulled to. Pull them to you because they are coming.

How do we pull them to us?
You pull them to you through your heart, radiating love, radiating your divinity, through the Feminine Energy you carry. Open your hearts. Remember open hearts means open to receiving as well as to giving. We encourage you to pull your beloved to you daily. Spend 1-3 minutes per day in love with your beloved. Go to a place in your heart daily to send love to them and receive love from them.

Do you feel you are being blocked to your etheric connection with your beloved?
You are not being blocked by anyone other than your Higher Self. It is the job of each of you to have your essence within you. With the merging of your souls over the last human years, it was easier to escape to a place of love out of your body, whether you or your beloved other half were aware of it or not. However, your beloved’s Higher Self is within them, aligning their human self with their mission, so that they can manifest the steps necessary for your physical reunion. Spending too much time with them etherically acts as a distraction to them from what they need to manifest physically. Therefore, the deliberate “separation” has been necessary for your beloved’s soul to grow. You and your counterpart created this for that reason.

We will explain briefly to others the difference between humans and human Twin Flames.
The human that is a Twin Flame and the human that is not, are no different other than what their mission upon this earth is to be. Both are meant to be in balance and bring to balance their masculine and feminine energies within; however, the human that is a Twin Flame will work at balancing their energies as they come together in union because that is the only way they can balance their Masculine and Feminine Energies. It is necessary for their union to occur to assist the rest of humanity in balancing out their Masculine and Feminine Energies. Their work will be done through LOVE, through THEIR UNION, and it will emanate outward.

We will state to you that a human that is NOT a Twin Flame is a person who is fully capable of receiving and being the love they came here for, but it is not the same. They are still able to attain the highest possible love relationship with a high level Soul Mate that may resemble closely to a Twin Flame relationship, but their mission is not to reunite with their Twin Flame.

We are very proud of you as we know that the path of love has been difficult for you to stay on, but it will be worth it. Hold your faith and your love in your heart for your beloved other half. The time is now for reunions to occur. They have begun. There have been delays and setbacks, but you have kept your faith. We ask you to forgive yourself for any doubts or fears you may have. Forgive your beloved for any doubts or fears they may have.

Finally we wish to say to you to remove all doubt that this union will happen; it is written in your DNA to reunite with your beloved other half.

October 6, 2013

(Laura Geralyn condensed the original message into pertinent excerpts)