Explained by Yisus Ro, who focuses his expertise on the running Twin. 🙂 Translation by Gaby. Enjoy. ❤


A "runner" is in crisis when he feels the strong energy of his partner, and this overwhelms him. Usually they come to me and say:

"Doctor, I don't know what to do, this woman makes me feel bad, but something still draws me to her!"

"I cannot leave her, I want to see her but fear doesn't let me!"

I then tell them this is good, and they look at me upset: "How can you say it's good, doctor?" I then proceed by explaining the following to them:

"Because she is your complementary half, how not to be attracted by your other half? You want to be with her but your fears and sense of logic are strong: this is something that goes beyond science, it is the time when your inner self screams: you must wake up!"

When you feel the crisis within you, this is merely your spiritual awakening, don't blame your partner. It is called the mirroring effect: what is it that bothers you? What are you so afraid of? Your partner helps you to look within yourself, it's time to heal! Your fear is not towards her: look at yourself, look inside. Be determined, she is the biggest gift to you, to support you and heal you. You have gifted it to her.

So, what do you feel? There is rage, anger, guilt, doubt, but this is good, it is a warning that you have to look inside of yourself and resolve, take a moment for yourself and keep sharing with her. She is your complementary half, but the crisis inside tells you that there is something unresolved within yourself. The feelings of persecution make you feel uncomfortable because it is not easy to accept that you carry unresolved issues.

Yes, you are rejecting, but not your partner. Your logical mind says you are, but the reality is that all you have to reject is what you no longer need to carry as a burden (fear, anger, etcetera).

Start enjoying your life, take some time for yourself, do what you love, share it! As long as you resist, the crisis inside is painful. Indulge yourself in the peace that allows you to open up to your complementary half. It is your free will, but once this "running" stage ends you will feel released. You caused the same effects within her, the same fear, and triggered her healing process. She did not blame you, and knew this would help her to take a look at herself. Now, it's your turn.

You set her free, let her set you free. You are each other's complements. She is healing, you have to heal as well. If you share your path, this is the perfect way! Evolve and don't be afraid. Truthfully, all this time you have really been running from yourself, and not from anyone else. Together you can achieve a lot. "