Here the new Patricia McNeilly´s video, as always bringing us hope and guiding us through the path 🙂

Description of the video:

Hello, in this video, I talk about the Portal closing from March, and the First Wave of Twins who will be merging together. Many people who have persevered will find that they are now really coming into their time. this is Also the Conclusion and final Full Circle of many Agreements including first and foremost, High Level Spiritual agreements as well as Contracts, legal matters, Divorces, from 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 while you have been waiting. The INCREDIBLE Lightness of being will come through for July, and many people will begin to surprise you in a delightful way. My website is Please see link below for my Webinar, “Twin Flames-New Beginnings”…

Please Enjoy, Thanks! Patricia