Twin Flames / Soul Mates – All Will Be Reunited In Accordance To Divine Will

I would like to explain the difference between SoulMates and Twin Flames. It is generally understood by now that everyone has ONLY ONE Twin Flame (you are ONE Soul together but in two separate bodies) but has several SoulMates. A SoulMate is a separate individual soul with whom you have had several incarnations with, and a majority of the time the both of you were close to one another, maybe even had a few contentious relationships. This kind of bond can vary from a romantic partner to the form of a family member to a best friend. SoulMates are always close to each other and have a tight bond with one another. In each incarnation you both will meet and share life’s experiences together. Every SoulMate has made the choice in the higher realms to be connected with each other in specific incarnations. It can even take the form of some sort of guide, someone who helps you get through a tough situation, someone you are inclined to ask advice from when things get hopelessly complicated and there seems to be no way out.

On a conscious level, in the past, you may not have been aware of who your SoulMates are, but that will become quite obvious now that you have evolved further in your spiritual evolution. Intuitively you can sense who might be a SoulMate because of the intense force of attraction between you or because of some kind of recognition. In case you have strong feelings about a certain person, you can be assured that you have a history together. Consider how many times you shared an incarnation with a SoulMate and you will conclude, one way or the other, that you were brought together as if by magic. Your own child could be a SoulMate, but whatever the case, you both are tightly connected and are very fond of each other. Yet, SoulMates are each comprised two different individual forms of energy.

A TWIN FLAME on the other hand is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. A Twin Flame is ONE and the SAME SOUL, the same Energy Form, that was split off from Source Love/ All That Is, and then divided instantly thereafter into Two parts. One part is consisted primarily of Feminine Energies, whereas the Other part is consisted primarily of Masculine Energies. Physical gender body can be the same or the opposite of the Inner Energies. Together, both parts form ONE great complementary whole unit. Your incarnation as a human being is only One Facet of your Total Self, and you represent the mostly Feminine or the mostly Masculine aspect. The moment you are Reunited with your Twin Flame, you will become ONE and Balanced and WHOLE again. ONE Source of Divine Love In Union. The time of Reunion for most Twin Flames, worldwide, according to your irrevocable Soul Contract, is now upon us!

Some Twin Flames are from the Highest Angelic Realms, they are previously Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, as well as other Light Beings, that have returned to Earth to be Reunited with their Twin Flames, for their final Ascension and Resurrection. The New World that is now being created can only be created through this Reunion and 5D Union of Twin Flames. Your own New World can only be created when you are Reunited and have fully MERGED all of your 5 bodies and 13 chakras with your Twin Flame. In Your LoveMaking Together, you will continuously create your future together, your new realities are made from your Passionate Higher Love, you are gifting humanity with this Template of New Relationship, 5D Love and Union. This Ascension is an eternal ongoing process. That is why it is so important to know that WE ARE HERE for a GRAND PURPOSE, and that the time of our Reunions are NOW! By coming together, us as Twin Flames, will Anchor the Light and Love, creating the Fuel for the New Grid on our New Earth. This will raise the Harmonic Frequencies even higher, and THAT can only be achieved from Our Love.

The Love of the Twin Flames is the Strongest, Highest Love possible to be able to achieve all this. You create your Love in the Higher Dimensions together and then bridge it back here. It is a fact, that every Soul who is a Twin Flame from the Illumined Angelic Realm, and both are incarnate at this time, WILL BE REUNITED with his or her Twin Flame in this life, and the time is NOW! It will all be made known, it will be announced to everyone. You will not only be informed of who you really are, but also, who is the Other Half of your own Source of Love. Do not worry, everything is unfolding according to a Divine Plan, so don’t ask too many questions or allow doubt, about how this will all turn out for yourself and others. You can rest assured that you will be reunited harmoniously with your Twin Flame, it is all being arranged in a Divine Way. We have arrived in times of great changes. All will come to pass in Divine Timing. Enjoy the incoming powerful Love energies which will be arriving with the Summer Solstice, this is a time of immense balancing of the Feminine and the Masculine Energies. These Energies will benefit the Twin Flames greatly, and much shall come to pass on account of them.

Edited and updated by Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge; original channel by Méline Lafont on June 14th, 2012.