When despair takes over us, we forget our true nature, who we are and where we come from, we are part of the Creator, and that we are unlimited.

The problem here is that we attract what we think (actually that´s not the problem, but we turn always in the direction of negative thoughts).

And very little is enough to get caught in a web of negative situations created and displayed in our imagination, especially when it comes to our twin flame.

It is certainly possible that they are in the process of running from us, but in our minds we see it as definitive, when in fact, twin flames, when they are genuine, will never break their bond.

Once you have met on the physical plane, in this physical plane, you will always be in touch, no matter if you are apart for a time, more or less extensive, they will always make contact with you again.

We mourn inside, as if we had lost forever this person, like if it was like a relationship with anyone in this 3d.

And we don´t take real consciousness that we could never loose each other. Never.

Only you may have periods of estrangement that will always end, because you are like magnets, the attraction is impossible to avoid, for both, even for the “runner”, he will always return.

Don´t be surprised, when they do it, because excuses can be multiple and unexpected.

Therefore, faith must always accompany us on our path, and the great love, has a powerful reason to be.

While we are in a time of separation and no contact, we have to keep growing, nourishing ourselves with love, faith, hope, trust.

Share with our peers, the other twin flames that we meet on our path, they will know, will understand, support, contain us, as anyone else, even blood relatives or friends …

We are a big family, we came from the light and we came back here to meet again, together we are stronger 🙂

Keep your heads up, everything is possible when it comes from the heart!