Here we translated a text, originally is in spanish, it´s very interesting and it helps us better to understand why Twins are really meant to be TOGETHER in these times on Planet Earth, enjoy ❤



“Encounters between Twin flames can be constant or not, but when they happens, land raises its vibration because the energy produced by them together, is capable of generating important changes in the planet and the consciousness of each of us is changing and probably already you feel it in yourself.

It is because you vibrate at a higher frequency, do you want scientific information?

Search by yourself in Google about the changing of frequency of vibration in the earth.

A reunion can make major changes, an agreement, although it may work together at a distance, but what you can accomplish together is easier than separated, your twin acts in you as a complementary part of your plans, successes and projects.

You will sure notice changes in you since the time in which you interacted (changes in your everyday life, and consciousness changes that propel you to do things to improve community life and put you in harmony with the earth planet).

That is because your awakening has begun.”

(Regressive Reconstructive Therapy)