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Once again, Caroline presented us with the update for June. You will see it will be a challenging month this time, but we can do it. 🙂


June’s energy will (partially) revolve around confidence, but for a great deal also around explosiveness! You may encounter conflicts and conflicting situations, because Mercury is going retrograde.

Communication will be tough also, so when you decide to contact your Twin (in the bridging stage), you will both be confused, you will not understand each other. So, when you act from ‘need’ (of contact) you may (again) face his / her lower vibrations (in which your love -for example- could adopt an attitude of authority because he wants to maintain and strengthen the grip and control of his life). This could all cause limitations!

However, when you surrender to the Universal flow and maintain your primeval confidence, you will see the Cosmos offers you the possibility to focus on your own strength and autonomy even more! Creations and manifestations will occur more rapidly, in the 5th dimensional and physical reality. By now you know your sacred heart LIVES, and practices great influence on your ascension process.

OK, there are still some unresolved issues among the (Twin Flame) energies. But with the increased power of the NOW it is possible to pass through these (inner) processes faster and faster. Know that the current energy basically forces you to be fully present in the NOW.

Also, I can sense there is still some resistance and fear of change, love and safety among Twin Flames and soul loves. However, to me it is also quite clear that the shapes of the ‘new world’ are already visible. You can add your very own intentions to this! How? By keeping your feet down in the NOW, the present, and by emphasizing your intentions of love, light, strength, peace, calm, balance and wholeness.

When we all feel and radiate these intentions together, we can manifest them within ourselves and therefore: towards our true love (and humanity).

Remember that all your (positive) visualisations of strength could have a supportive influence on your ascension process, your healing, the planetary healing and anything submissive to change.

Please, keep your faith and know that your light will reach his / her heart and being, causing all your old memories (within your cells) to be brought to the surface, in order to be ‘released’.

All your grief and (inner child) wounds will be eliminated.

The ups and downs you are experiencing are ALSO a part of this process.

Us, Illumined Twins, are on the forefront of this movement and transformation, but of course you are a part of this too. Remember you are doing a wonderful job, in regards to assimilation and elimination.

And when you are having a hard time, tap into your inner child and feel the miracle and magic of your connection. It does not matter what happens, when it happens and what it will look like! What matters, is truly feeling your magical bond and the miracle of the merging between the two of you that you will experience. This is your dream, your heart’s passion: you have experienced it before in another time, and it will manifest in this time too.

You both desire to eliminate anything that has been keeping you in the dark. You have agreed to walk the paths of Love and Light.

In the past two months I have been allowed to see many of you are releasing old energies, especially in regards to your blood line. Possible traumas that have once built up in your blood line, have been released from your system, out of your energetic field, causing you to be able to allow more and more confidence.

You have been able to cleanse yourself thoroughly. And when your body asks for rest, admit to it. Because of this you can truly feel ‘who you are’ and what you may manifest here on Earth: be an ‘illuminating example to others’.

Meanwhile, our consciousness has evolved, and soon there will come a time when we can (finally) define ourselves by who we (Twins) truly are. True Twins are inextricably connected to each other, and they only need to remember.

Twin Flames have triggered big transformations before, but never have so many crucial energies joined together the way they have now. It is not entirely strange that more and more meetings between Twins are occurring.

Resume, the month of June will not be easy, but the energies will change in the beginning of July. The upcoming summer months will bring us much more inspiration, energies and new insights. But for now, we need to bite our tongues and hold on!

Halfway through July we will be influenced by a harmonious energy, we will want to see TRUE changes, and these changes will be able to be realized in a much more constructive way.

The mood in the summer months will be constructive and loving. Changes will manifest easily, and the symbolism of these changes will trigger a spiritual dimension: ‘the promise of reunion, and the birth of the Divine within the soul’.

Namaste, Caroline.

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