Be not afraid, dear ones, for all is divinely and perfectly timed; now is the time for you. Now is the time for twinflames to step up and become visible. (This means that Twin Flames are being awakened at a rapid rate, if they are not already awakened. If you have the awareness from spirit that you are, in fact a Twin Flame, then it is time to close the door on situations/relationships/careers/ etcetera, that no longer serve your highest and best good. This step is necessary for your path to reunion. For your energy is better placed on pulling in your beloved other half to you.) You must hold your energy steady at this time during this great change in humanity’s consciousness. (Stay in balance with all things, particularly with regard to emotions. It is necessary to feel your feelings, but work at feeling them and releasing them so as to not get stuck in them.) As Twin Flames, your job is greater than you can imagine. You and your Twin Flame are anchors, but more importantly, you are compasses pulling the appropriate energy to your planet via your frequency and vibration. As you pull the energy to you, you have the ability to anchor that love from home into the earth’s vibration. Each Twin Flame couple holds a specific code that will be activated in the earth’s core upon their reunion in the location(s) they are in. As each code is activated a grid begins to form beneath them (in the earth), a new grid, a light grid, that connects with other Twin Flame unions on the planet. The grid will anchor the energies of love and new human consciousness will begin to spread as the old grid falls away. At the time of your physical reunion with your Twin Flame you each hold a portion of the key that will unlock and activate the code within the earth. This code will be a moving energy that will travel through the light grid being created. It will expand, spread and penetrate the old energy causing a shift and movement within the earth, herself, but more specifically, within her inhabitants. This is what will stabilize the energetic transformation taking place upon your planet and set its new consciousness into forward motion.

You will understand better what your mission is as a Twin Flame couple from reunion point forward. It is more than you can comprehend at this point. It is more than the intimate, soul sharing love that you evoke in one another, (Alone that love is worth waiting for and experiencing.) but that connection is only the beginning. Your Twin Flame relationship will open many gateways that you will embark upon as a reunited Twin Flame. There is much work for you to do, but it will be done through love and it will no longer feel like work.

We wish to tell you that you have assistance, you are not alone. Know that we are here for you, your fellow brothers and sisters of the stars. We urge you to consider how your time is spent for it is important that you make time for quiet away from the human traffic (noise/distractions/chaos/drama). It is necessary for your reunion to feel oneness with all things. We thank you again dear ones for your service. We love, honor and respect you.