Living today is to create an internal space where the main purpose is to let the flow of life just BE, without expectations. Simply by enjoying the air we breathe, the taste of life itself, of shared moments, just live.

In the Twin flame´s path, more than ever we must learn to live in the present, without haste, our engine should be the Faith, hope, inner knowing, and security of incorruptible love, that despite many lives, experiences, lessons, and challenges, has always, is and will be, because it is eternal, it is divine, comes from the purest of Creator/ Source, the birthplace of the most sublime love, and it´s sacred.

Each day is sometimes difficult because, of course, we are human, and we want the desired happiness ASAP, and don´t realize that happiness comes within, and from us, when we learn to believe that we deserve it, when we feel the vibration rises to reach it, and when we find that ability to be happy within us, all the time, flowing with peace, because love is part of us , and we´ll never lose that love, or our twin flame, because he/she also vibrates in this love, and will come to us when we finally vibrate at the highest level of self- love, happiness, and inner peace.

Let´s believe, have a lot of faith, trust, love , vibrate higher, and we´ll have most of the road free to finally stay forever and definitely with our beloved twin flame.