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Another wonderful video by Patricia. 🙂

Very educational, encouraging and motivational. It’s time for action!

You are in the Time of Miracles and Dreams – Feel the Surge in Energies which will help you and your Twin in stepping forward in confidence that you are in a new energetic time to support coming together with your Twin Flame in physicality, You are now in the “crunch time’ for taking actionsnecessary to be together and which are fully supported. I also discuss the necessity to remain positive, focused and expectant of what you WANT, which is what you have wished for and Dreamed of, coming to pass, in small and large miraculous ways. I have also written an article which will further clarify this time and into July of what can be expected. For many this is an INTENSELY PHYSICAL, TANGIBLE EXPERIENCE yet merging your Light Bodies will be EFFORTLESS, but coming together is necessary as you can ONLY merge so much without each other!!! You have to finish your Merging TOGETHER!
My article about merging can be accessed here:

So, for many of you who have been waiting…..its TIME!
For some of you who have touch and go, its about MELTING!

Thank you for watching, please enjoy!