We are blessed you are here reading all our posts, and transiting the Twin Flame path, sharing your experiences, learning, growing. We feel total empathy with all of your stories and experiences.

We’d like to apologise, for not being able to reply to all comments, we try to reply to most we can, and tell you what comes to our hearts.

We are not psychics, so we cannot tell anybody if the person you are in love with is your real Twin or not. Sometimes we may experience lot of characteristics with a Soul Mate, and we will be closing the door to our real Twin Flame just focusing in that person.

It would be a big responsibility for us to push you to do it, and it is, actually.

So we recommend you, a lot to REALLY ask for divine guidance, confirmations, or if you don’t feel quite connected to the Source / Guides, to ask a reliable psychic to be sure (however, the only one who can truly tell is your own heart, and we’d like to emphasize consulting a psychic is a last resort).

Regarding the advices you’re asking for – and always feeling confident within your heart that you are talking about your true Twin Flame – it will be always the same. Learn, grow, develop your spirituality: this is not only a romantic relationship, we are on a mission, and first and foremost we need to be ready for the mission and not get stuck in the romantic aspect. Probably many people will not like this advice, but that’s why Twins came to Earth in the same incarnation: in service to others, beyond themselves.

The intense love is the pull they need to join and accomplish the mission, they will find out which it is, during the process.

Never forget that.

Do you really feel an immense love for humanity? A genuine desire to serve? Ask yourselves that, the answer will come from the depths of your hearts.

You’re all divine souls, and if you are on the Twin Flame path, you surely came with a mission.

Here, on this blog there are many clues to find out if you reallly are on your way. 🙂

Much love and blessings to all, and thanks for your trust in us. 🙂