Having attended a workshop, provided by Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.com, I would like to share a meditation with you that she has presented to us and guided us through.

This meditation revolves around you and your Twin Flame, and requires some explanation:

We have all lived many lives on this Earth. Each life has left its mark upon us in one way or another. Many of us are still connected to past life situations, people and / or certain karmic relationships by energetic cords erupting from our chakra’s. Of course, so is our Twin. Now, as we share such an intense bond with our Twin Flame (they are our other half: one soul, two bodies), we do have the power to help them detach from those cords. Do keep in mind that this will NEVER happen against their will, always in cooperation with them in a mutual agreement, and also: cutting cords could have immense consequences. Make sure you are acting from pure love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aside from cutting cords that cause them pain, grief or any other negative emotion to this day, this meditation is also meant to merge with your Twin on the 5D plane. After cutting the cords, we will strengthen our own cords with them and fuse our souls. This may not happen during your first attempt, maybe not even during your second or even fifth, but eventually you will feel your souls merging. This may last no more than a split second, but it will surely happen. The 5D merging will help them open up their chakra’s, and open up to this intense connection. ๐Ÿ™‚

OK. Make sure you are alone, in a quiet and peaceful area with no chance of being disturbed. Sit down with your back upright, and place your bare feet firm on the ground.

Start breathing deeply. Allow air to flow in and fill your lungs, breathing from your stomach. Now, begin to focus your attention on your second (sacral) chakra, located within your genitalia. Feel its energy growing stronger, and imagine its light growing brighter. Keep focusing until you start feeling a slightly tingling sensation. Then, start pulling the energy upwards within your body. You may perform a little test by firmly pressing two fingers just below your belly button. You should still be able to experience the tingling feeling, and may even feel a slightly orgasmic sensation. Now, pull up the energy further and further. Up towards your solar plexus, to you heart, your throat, your forehead (Third Eye), and finally your crown. At this point, you will release all the energy, and visualize the bright light you’ve been pulling up to slowly retreat back down, back to your sacral chakra. You should do this about three times in a row before continuing to the next step of this meditation.

Now, visualize your Twin Flame. You should instantly see his face appear in front of you. Tell him: “I love you unconditionally.” and then place him in the center of a huge, empty arena. Visualize all cords erupting from his heart chakra and his sacral chakra that still connect him to past lives, people and / or karmic relationships that no longer serve him. Every person he still has an old karmic connection with may take place in the arena. These cords could be any color. Now, tell them: “Your agreement has been fulfilled, you may go now.” and start cutting the cords one by one. Be aware that there may be hundreds of cords. After all, they have been built up through many lives. It may take quite a while before you have been able to cut all of them. You may choose to divide them into sections like: past partners, relatives, etcetera.

Now, pull your Twin towards you. Make sure you face each other. Feel the intense love that connects you from every single chakra, and visualize its energetic lines: from your sacral chakra to his; your solar plexus; heart; throat; Third Eye; crown. See how each chakra is individually connected to his by red cords: see how bright and strong they are, feel the love radiating from them.

Then, place yourselves upon a spinning platform. Do not speak, just BE. Notice how you start spinning. Feel how you are rotating around each other. At this point, your souls should be able to merge. Remember: this may only last a split second. What you are feeling, he should be feeling and what he is feeling, you should be feeling. There may even be a point at which you can no longer distinguish yourself from him: you no longer know who is who, because you are one. After releasing from the 5D merge again, feel how the spinning platform slows down and finally comes to a stop. Hug your Twin, tell him you love him, and see how everything slowly fades. Then, open your eyes, and slowly get back to your physical being.

You may want to perform this meditation about two times a week. Again, it may take time before you will be able to successfully cut each cord. Do not force anything, perform each act with a pure and loving intention.

It will happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

With many, many thanks to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.com โค