It’s time for calm and reflection, in a very short time the meeting agreed for souls will occur: souls in service, who decided to be embodied in this time, here and now on planet Earth. It’s time to listen to their hearts.

They will let know the truth they have been saving for millennia, and it will be not sustained in few hands.
It is an effort of many unified illuminated souls with a task based on elevation of planetary consciousness, which will be carried out for them, starseeds to return to the unit in physical bodies: returning to a consciousness of ONE.

Mary Magdalene

Beautiful souls of light:

Christic female energy is here within you, men and women embodying the power of unconditional love.

it is due to these delays interrupting your blooming processes, that the meeting agreed on was not reached.

But it is established that Twin Flames will reach soon their meeting in mutual agreement, and recognition in good and service to Humanity.

You are immensely loved.