Can you imagine two partners who have truly begun to understand what their souls are trying to accomplish?

Once they buy into the concept that we will be and experience all things, each will have more and more unconditional love for the other and will become best friends.

Most importantly, they can share their deepest feelings, their deepest fears, and their deepest desires without the fear of being judged, laughed at, or embarrassed.

There is a massive spiritual awakening taking place on planet Earth today.

Because of it, “aware” partners will bond under the influence of this new energy, and their relationships will have a sense of honor and sacredness to them.

Expectations, ownership and control will be replaced by the freedom to be oneself.

Clinging, insecurity, dependency, needs, and jealousy will be replaced by trust, acceptance, and the development of one’s spiritual self.

Guilt and anger will be replaced by the happiness and inner peace we develop within ourselves, and then share with another. And that is how best friend partnerships will evolve.

Written By: Michael Massaro