Every time you ask yourself , what is happening to my twin? or: how does he/she feel? Ask it directly to yourself, within you will be the answer as you are united heart to heart with the etheric cord that keeps twins connected all the time, from the beginning, when their soul was divided into two polarities.
And it is also quite possible that you may know how he/she feel by your own moods. Because you are always reflecting on each other, no matter the distance.
Meditate and think about that beautiful cord, which seems made ​​of gold, so visualize it.  You will see that soon you will feel him/her, there with you, in a more tangible way.
With practice you ‘re going to feel more and more. Also your twin will start to feel you as well. Maybe not so consciously, but you will be more connected to each other, and strengthen the bond of love, you will always be present for each other, whether you already met physically or not.
If you didn´t meet yet, a door will be open to a next meeting, because when souls connect at etheric level, the Higher Self is already “orchestrating” a next contact on the physical plane.

Your heart will know …