So many times we feel pain and suffering within ourselves and we forget that our Twin Flame is also suffering.

They feel trapped in confusion of which they cannot escape: more than once they feel it is like a punishment, a maze with no exit.

They feel a tremendous attraction for their Twin Flame (us), but don’t want to admit it, deceive their counterparts and deceive themselves, trying to make themselves and their surroundings believe that it is not happening, that it does not make sense, that it soon will be over.

Many of them have a history of suffering in the aspect of love and relationships; many of them built a wall around themselves due to disappointments and deceptions: a wall that they aren’t willing to let collapse: no way!

These may have been karmic relationships with kindred souls, that have presented them with the lessons they agreed to live, to make them stronger, evolve, and also brought to light those wounds that they needed to heal.

But not being aware of it, maybe all they feel they have learned is that love is “bad”, hurtful, and they are not willing to go through this again.

And then comes … their Twin Flame;

– that being who has got the energy that reminds them of all those failed relationships and even seems to have a bit of each of them, it’s like … all in one!

– for whom they feel a magnetism impossible to avoid, and again the ghosts of fear to love and suffering come to haunt their thoughts again. And love is born, inevitably, and although they try to resist it with all their might, it has no return…

What can we do, how can we help them ?

Only with pure, and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Never force them, if we even need to leave them, we have to do so, because love is freedom, and respect for their decisions. We will never show true love if we try to impose on their lives.

We just have to let them know that they have us, always there, maybe we can confess our love to them, but after we have to give them the space to decide what to do with this truth that now they know, so they can learn to believe and trust, to discover that real love NEVER HURTS, and NEVER betrays …

Only unconditionally we will show them, that our love is pure, loyal and true.

Time will prove it , and they will see, their hearts will show them.

Count on it because it’s a Divine love.