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A very deep and strong recognition. This type of recognition has never been felt before.
You can feel an ecstatic connection dancing between the two of you. There is no doubt about this soul connection! Twin Flame love is a powerful boost of the heart.

An extremely strong, passionate connection, fueled by a sexual energy. This sexual energy is part of the energy of your soul. From time to time, the equality of this perfectly balanced soul frequency that’s being pushed through the center of your heart in an overwhelming way could make you speechless.

After the initial recognition, an magnetic attraction towards each other unfolds. The Universe directs this flow of synchronicities, and declares the connection sacred when you feel closer to yourself, and therefor closer to your heart’s center.

Again, the Universe directs and takes care of the synchronicity of merging, which feels like the deepest, most passionate vibrating energy you have ever experienced. Basically, you simply merge (fuse) together. It doesn’t matter how far apart you live, or how big the distance between the two of you is. You can feel each other, and communicate telepathically.

Because of the union of your souls, an activation erupts: the activation of the heart. That’s when the true Twin Flame journey begins: the journey towards deep, inner knowing; towards yourself.

Many questions and doubts could arise during this activation. But KNOW everything is being orchestrated for you in utter perfection, so you may feel with your entire consciousness that this journey towards yourself is perfectly balanced out.

The Universe ‘demands’ that the preparation for synchronisation flows perfectly, so that the eventual physical reunion can be harmoniously manifested.

Your life will turn into an unlikely magical journey of beauty through the eyes of this Universal love. The heart has never been so open before, and has never felt such intensity, passion and love.

Namaste, Caroline

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