By Dr. Amy R. Queen

Hello everyone! As many of my friends on here know I´ve been going through a crash course on twin flame relationships. I´ve learned very valuable things and have helped a few twin flame couples Unite and several others to recognize their Other Half. We all seem to go through similar steps.

The toughest part of the gradual merger of twin flames is understanding when there needs to be separation for a time. When this happens you may feel you´ve lost all hope and maybe even think of suicide. I did. When this happens It doesn´t seem to make sense, and since the energy between twin flames is so amplified, it´s difficult to see clearly through all that emotion.

Through careful study and experience, I´ve found a few reasons for why this has to happen sometimes. This may help if it´s happening to you. Feel free to contact me for council too, if this is going on in your life. It´s all going to be ok! The reasons are like this……

* It may not be time yet for you to unite even though one or both of you are spiritual enough to recognize each other. You or your twin may be in your last trial to learn how to love and follow your heart over your head. In other words, not follow the morals of those around you, as opposed to your Heart and intuition from God/Dess. This is part of the “fruit of the knowledge of good and evil”, which caused us to “die in the garden of Eden” (repeat cycles of Reincarnation until we learn and heal the original breach). We were split from our own twin flames in the beginning, after that, we begin “practice” at being a couple with soul mates of various kinds. This is in the story of Adam and Lilith, and also illustrated in the story of Adam and Eve. They ate from the “tree of knowledge of good and evil”, and then polarity reigned in their lives and perspective. NOW, we are “finding” our connection to the Tree of Life, and Reconnecting with our real Other Half! When we began our incarnations, cycles of learning with soul mates and God/Dess focused us on learning to “do right”, which is necessary, due to living in a Karmic world. In the last bits of our learning, the knowledge of morals can make us feel manipulated by situations, where the choice is the lesser of two evils. Many tests come when twins are about to unite! Often, this will have to do with babies being born or marriages being dissolved. These things must happen to test us. Count yourself blessed. It´s all OK. Many things can cause a separation of twin flames. When these trials come, know that they are trials –
TEMPORARY TRIALS – It´s all going to work out OK! The key is to follow your HEART and listen to your Spirit. Often, we have to do the opposite of what we think in order to reach our goal. This is partly because of the polarity laws involved in twin flames and all of Creation. If you are the twin who is waiting for the other to get free from a trial and get to you, here´s how to help: Be gentle and patient! If you push them, they will run from you because your energy is too strong. Think of them as on a train ride at the amusement park. You are walking and free to go wherever, but they are not. You must hold their hand and walk beside the train with them. You may want to pull them out of the train, but this will hurt them. Don´t pull, just enjoy walking beside until their train stops, and then they can join you freely. It´s the loving way.

I should add here, that if your twin flame feels that following their Heart means to leave you behind for a while, it´s ok. They may have Karma to clear up with another, before they can Unite with you the Right Way. The important thing is that they follow their Heart, and NOT get caught up in everyone else´s opinions. The Heart knows the right path for a particular point in time. Love them, and allow them to do their thing. You cannot lose them! Twin Flames ARE each other, in the Whole of Their Being, Eternally Connected. They ALWAYS Love You, even when the conscious mind doesn´t understand it. The Heart does!

* If you are completely separated from your twin, and not in contact with them, this is the most stressful time. Do NOT panic or give up hope! God/Dess DOES intend to Unite you! It will happen. Imagine how from Heaven´s point of view, all things are controlled on a track of sorts. All energies of the planets initiate changes at the right times for us, as we use our free will within it. Like being in a boat on the river. We can do as we please on the boat, but we can´t push the river. On the up side, we can´t stop it´s flow either. It will take us to our twin flame! While separated from our twin flame, it´s important to get guidance from God/Dess, or our Spiritual Angels or Guides. It´s good to get council from those who can channel messages on your situation. This is the right time to increase your connection to the Divine. If this is your situation, be very proud! This means you will be a special Teacher! The only way to gain strength and knowledge is to live it. Use this time to hone your spiritual skills and knowledge. When you DO Unite with your twin, it will be AMAZING! You will have the power to change the world together. Be strong for your Other Half, and don´t give up. They need you to wait for them.

* You may have met your twin flame, and seemed to unite for a time. Maybe even started a friendship or dated, only to see it split up. One may have felt pushed, and the other may have felt they were reaching for something they couldn´t get. This is common too. Don´t panic! It´s about polarity. Your twin flame is the equal opposite of you. EVERYTHING between you will be intensified, and you will work like magnets. If one has too strong a desire to Unite with the other, it flips your energy to the opposite, and pushes them away in fear. You will MIRROR each other, so if one turns to fear or control (with good intentions and probably not knowing), then the other will flip too, and you´ll oppose each other. Maybe even become nemesis for a time. Then, it´s important to have restraint, for the good and love of your other. It´s how they need to be loved at that time. Turn to gentle kindness and be willing to let the other go. NOT to lose them or give up, but to give them freedom and comfort, allowing them to return to you, and feel secure. YOU WILL GET YOU LOVE!!!