The Beauty part of Quantum time is that it is fluid…… know that your Reunion is INEVITABLE, yet, seemingly this is a bit longer than you anticipated……

Yes, the time has been slowed down and elongated, to enable those who will be reunited to make their necessary changes and commitment to stand firm. You are transiting, transitioning to your Fullness of Life & Love
Yes, you can accelerate this! You are a creator through Love!

There is now to be much more in the physical that will come up to further enable your Reunion with your Twin.

Allow the stuff to keep coming out even when it flares up, do you have it in you?

Most of you, particularly Illumined Twins, your SOUL is driving you, steering you-
Your Head no longer truly can, and this is true of your counterpart – you are getting louder and louder, they cannot resist you.

Your true direction is spontaneously sourced of your Sacred Heart- naturally being in a human body, your Truth will come out of your face. This is the upper part of the High Heart, as well as the Heart.

For some it may take form of strange eruptions, acne, mouth trouble, gums, nasal / sinus
Blurting things out of your mouth, even inappropriate laughter, altercations- can be signs of things that are going. For some, it will be singing, craving certain taste sensations, speaking your Truth. Whatever does not feel good, should be short-lived usually in 3 day cycles of up, out release and move on.

It will continue until your Soul gets you to where you need to be. Remain singularly focused.

You are not separate any more, so it will catch up with you. You are One Truth, One Soul, speaking to each other in two bodies.

There are no longer Intercessors, or outside guidance, these will be distorted and not have your unique message….no, you will need to FEEL it from the Inside out, constantly cycling things out until you get it.

“Consult” your Twin Daily, as now there is no more reason for separation. You do this in your Heart space, as many of you by now, have merged with each other on an Etheric level and every other level.

[this little extra for you all in our “Group” – about 3 times a day, lay down or get still, and “connect” with your Twin THROUGH YOUR HEART go deep, as anything at surface level may have distortions; do not go below your own rib cage; -Sit on your Twin’s lap, spoon them, hold their face in your hands, putting yourself face to face in the Yab-Yum position is good, hug them from behind etcetera….but DO IT, you should really feel a “scene open up” within your Heart and feel their energy, in a physical manner. Stop “wondering” in your head. You are ANGELICS now, so start acting like it! : ) ]

You keep pulling in, reeling in your Twin, to your Heart. ONLY you can do this.

Stop making excuses for your Twin, and don’t just be a “talking head” saying,
“Well, he / she needs to do this or that…..they are just too busy…..they told me this or that…….or he / she is this high powered person and I’m just this or that…..” or even
“maybe “others are right” perhaps this type of love just cant exist here???”

Not only does that LOVE exist, we are here to be the living proof, without being made fools of, without cringing, without being starving artists living in hovels for the sake of love, without tragedy ending it, without the dense, painful blocks.

LOVE is your strength and that’s exactly why you agreed to be here, and to reunite together. If it is the passion of your Heart, it will be so.

Are you strong enough to be the Calm eye in these storms, the safe haven for your Love? You are and then some, you are here because of your Passionate Love.

You can do this by being the best you, that you can be.

It is EXPERIENTIAL, and when you allow yourself to feel, others can too. Now, with these energies, you can.

You have EVERYTHING, seeded within you, time to let it flow out, with the creational abilities fueled by your LOVE.
But together, your full abundance, health, and magic.

“Winds that blow, far below,
Cannot touch, never Know
I am safe beyond the reach
Of any harm or any breach
I am calm and I am Still
In any Wind, come what will”

by Ember Grant

Love, Patricia McNeilly & Laura Geralyn Kline-Etheridge
Illumined Twin Flames
Magdalene/Jeshua Soul Group