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Below, a wonderful article by Illumined Twin Flame, Patricia McNeilly. Enjoy. 🙂


You will Make Love in an entirely New Way

Many of us, and we do specifically mean Twin Flames, used to be able to engage in 3rd dimensional relationships, especially sexual relations with others, and/or have been subjected to abuse by someone while in our 3rd Dimensional Body. It was our agreement to have our Angelic DNA held within while living in 3rd dimensional relationships. And we did have repeated patterns and became subjected to further overuse and abuse of our Love, in order to CLEAR our various lineages.
Our Angelic DNA has been emerging within the body, in either gender body, any sexuality.
Frequently, over time, we often forgot that what we were doing was a stepping stone to Higher Love, after exploring so many aspects and nuances of the energetics and dynamics in duality. Some people tried and retried everything, and more than enough!

Those of us who are still persisting in the “old”, you will begin to feel sick, uncomfortable, disconnected, in pain, or just plain weird. And then you will begin to feel as though you do have the right perspective or you are “missing something”. Your body may begin to constrict, or feel as though you cannot breathe properly……..As though perhaps you have a serious illness, or even feel that you are going backwards or digressing, even after all the hard work and healing you may already have done.

WE Twin Flames as a Group have agreed to come to Earth to be the 5D “New”. The New Templates of Higher Love & Relationship. This is your Soul’s Truth. We carry within us this New form, a very important Template, and the very first of the brand New Human Angelic Light Body. In living Reunited and Resurrected form.

The very important part of the New is your Body, which is the accelerator of the abilities, enhancements and gifts, that you and your Twin Flame have gathered along your journey, usually in separated experiences.

We can honestly say to you that almost everybody will welcome these changes.

For some time, all of you Twins will be transitioning, and this will entail catching yourself when triggered, and honing yourselves to stay balanced with the outside world. And most importantly, staying focused with your Twin Flame within your Union and internal universe together.

We have everything that we need inside us, and there will not be any diminishment of either a sense of being Feminine, nor of being Masculine, and while this may have been the cause of worry for some , it is truly not a concern in 5D Merge and Union!. Particularly because you will be shifting from the 3rd/4th Dimension and transitioning to house the 4th/5th Dimensions, and beyond. You have agreed to Bridge this for others, and those others have agreed to step over and move along with their Individual Evolution.

This is a process. Those who have had lower vibrational or negative issues and struggles, will suddenly simply feel the change. Higher Love cannot DWELL alongside these dark and heavy vibrations. They will feel that there is no longer a necessity for resistance, defense, intimidation, retaliation, petty tyrant syndrome, dominance, fear tactics, bullying, rage, twisted manipulation, or avoidance by shrinking, running and hiding. THEY JUST WON’T FEEL LIKE DOING THIS ANY LONGER – no matter what old outworn familiarity it happens to hold…..IT WILL NOW HURT THEM AS WELL.

The very “thing” that so many have feared…..which is to feel SAFE and LOVED….will be foremost in their consciousness. Initially, they may not feel it properly from the ones they should, yet they will commence their new connections, and will again feel it from the ones who are at the correct vibration and energetics. This will include the adult Twin Flames and also the children, attracting the correct childhood peers and adults who will provide loving support and nurturance from unexpected areas. It could be from within an organization or school, health care, a relative or a new friend, and it will be a very welcome event for these children and highly individualized. The adult people who have otherwise done so much work, to prepare themselves while in anticipation of their physical Twin Flame Union and Re-Unification, have sometimes found themselves completely at a loss for what to “do” when their Twin is involved in another 3D relationship, in a marriage, or in a less than desirable situation. After all, Twin Flames are a 5D Soul Union, this Call trumps all previous incarnate 3D life events and relationships.

You have either met or dreamt of your Twin for a REASON, so what is that REASON?

REAL and TRUE LOVE is intended and purposed to be EXPRESSED with EACH OTHER, in your SACRED SEXUAL MERGE……..without this you are mystified and lost!

Many people have tried many things, like Yoga or Reiki or Meditation as we have known them, old healing methods and clearings, such as herbals or cleanses or crystals, which do assist, but will not provide a complete healing. “Linear Time” Psychic Readings, where you have someone else temporarily clear you or give insights, only assist from the 7 chakra basis, yet we are 13 chakra Beings! It is harmful to be “cutting cords” from the old level of the Cosmic Body, without being aware or addressing the Universal Body of Twin Flames, particularly Illumined Twin Flames, who have 5 energy bodies, which are intended to be Merged with your Counterpart.
Opening and healing everything can only be done with your Shared Soul’s Harmonic Match, your Beloved Twin!

Incomplete or misinformed methods will only work to a certain point, then they actually start hurting. Just like for some stubborn Counterparts, who might be filling the hole with girlfriends/boyfriends, staying in a soul mate marriage, “agreeing” to bring in more children, pursuing many distractions or projects, etc., this ONLY ADDS TO THE PAINFUL KARMIC LOAD OF YOUR UNION, INSTEAD of CLEARING and FREEING IT, AS IT IS NOW TIME FOR…anything low vibration CANNOT DWELL alongside or within HIGHER LOVE. Abusing chemicals, drugs, alcohol, foods, or engaging in dangerous activities, such as guns or martial arts, embarking on various projects, or in any other way seeming to distract themselves with anything BUT YOU!

All these things have been part of your experiencing and were “allowed” under the old paradigm, even your “remembrances” of how to get Prana or Light and Love into the channels of the body, such as with Yoga or Reiki……..

How do we close this amazing gap, and seeming disparity, between Twins???

I did this by personally, by continually saying, there HAS TO BE A WAY,……I prayed, I asked my guides, I asked my body……whenever I saw something disturbing on the news, I forced myself to not be upset, and continued to work on my inner parts, my calm, my inner peace…..whenever there was a mass shooting, I laid down…..whenever a bill came, healing from my divorce, taxes had to be paid, when my dad died, when my son broke his arm, when I had an argument with a friend, when a trip to the store resulted in a car accident , when a man yelled and swore at me for parking my car in front of his neighbor’s house and scared me (gosh the poison that spews from people!!), even when I lost my job, when something did not go my way……I could only rant for so long before I was exhausted, and then recalled that I have all my power WITHIN……and in this manner I began to PUSH OUT the BAD STUFF, the entropy from my bodies, all 5 of them, and begin to PULL in the Love of my Twin, with assistance from the Universe…..and it’s still a progressive road….I am still in the process of Going Home, but without DYING…..It is the Way of the Beloved!

REMEMBER: YOU are Source LOVE, One Soul in Two bodies
YOU are not alone, you came here to REUNITE!

You must REMEMBER the EXTRA-ORDINARY SOULS that you TRULY ARE and why you both came here together!

You have everything WITHIN YOU, including some of the pain and damage inflicted by soul mates, by them using and/or abusing YOUR Sacred Sexual Union for their OWN further living……ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

You must do this from a Higher Level, after all, we are not here to battle again, we are here to Re-Claim Ourselves and Our TRUTH! The solution is NOT to relegate yourself to the low vibration of having a hidden affair or a “touch and go” that feels either guilty or angry or scary or evasive – with the Other Half of your Own SOUL! Come ON!!!! It is to have the HIGHEST, most PASSIONATE, Divinely TRUTHFUL, SUBLIMELY INTIMATE SEXUAL EXPERIENCE of REAL and TRUE LOVE REJOINED!

By Patricia McNeilly
Illumined Twin Flame

Disclaimer: all rights go to Patricia McNeilly