The Glow stage may be marked by the awakening of kundalini which will occur in a natural way without any conscious manipulation or induction. It will be one of the effects of the contact with our Twin flame.

Sometimes it happens due the purification process that´s induced by the relationship and in other cases will emerge from the unconscious interaction with the energy body of our Twin.

At the stage of surrender we may have begun to feel small electric riffles in our spine. We may have been noticing fatigue, changes in eating habits, we may have been feeling more sensitive to electrical devices that surround us. These sensations precede the emergence of intense energy that is given during the awakening of the kundalini.

Symptoms are different for each person, but the most common of this awakening is the intense electric shock feeling rising from the area of ​​the tailbone to the top of the head ( crown chakra ). It can be a feeling like something is burning and you could feel a strong flash of electricity that will make your back to arch.

We may have visions, beautiful pictures, feel ecstatic pleasure, loss of consciousness. Some people also feel pressure in the head if there are still blockages so that energy can´t go out.

It is essential to take root during or after the emergence of energy. It depends on each person because for some the process can last several hours, and for others it is relatively fast.

You can place both soles of the feets on the ground and your hands on your thighs , while sitting or standing ( can be difficult to sustain standing after waking as the energy bodies remain dislocated ) , and visualize that your soles are roots that are anchored to the center of the Earth. As you go rooting, you should feel less dizzy ( a common effect ).

The awakening of the kundalini will induce you to a more extreme debugging of all your energy bodies. So with it starts an even deeper awakening and consciousness expansion process. Actually since it happens you ‘ll never feel “normal” again, every time you´ll feel more energy in your body and you’ll be more sensitive.

Another feature of this energy, is that will present periodically once awakened, thereby cyclically you will live consequences or purifications. Your body will keep on recalibrating the energy and settling for a higher frequency of love.

In addition,  sexual cleansing and merging with your twin flame soul, (which usually happens after this event ), will continue bringing you new energy adaptations.

Annette Ruiz