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This month’s update by the wonderful Caroline. Enjoy. 🙂


The upcoming period, everything will revolve around transformation and manifestation.
And all of this is able to be manifested by yourself.
You see, there are so many renewals and changes to be found in the energy around us now.

Basically, we have all been ‘released’ from the third dimension (behavior stemming from the ego: the ego was our ‘leader’ in the third dimension).
Our consciousness has been moved to the fifth dimension by now. It no longer revolves around polarities, patterns and / or achieving. You can say goodbye to these three.

We may now see the Bigger Whole, the bigger entirety. Our experience will change as well: our ability to register will expand. And not only has ‘anything that breathes’ changed its pulse: the Earth did as well. We have all traveled to a higher vibration, in a revolutionary process

Due to the higher vibration of the fifth dimension we are able to both create and co-create. Every thought, every emotion increases our awareness, and yes: these thoughts and emotions can be either intensified or weakened by yourself. Cease your resistance towards the current reality, I will keep emphasizing this and I will not stop doing so.
Accept the NOW, everything is unfolding in utter perfection: it is merely our perception wishing to see otherwise.

If you truly wish to accomplish peace and harmony within yourself (and the world), ceasing your resistance against the current reality is the only option. However, if you’d rather linger in restlessness, suspicion, fear, imbalance, struggle and polarity, you will co-create little to nothing.

I understand some of you are (still) feeling safe in the ‘third dimension’, because it is familiar. But you will cease your own growth. That way, (love) energy will not be able to flow in. If you choose to hold on to this, you will keep feeling restless, and you will not transform. .

Ask yourself: ‘do I dare to center myself, do I dare to focus myself, do I dare to wish for everything I desire?’ If so, allow yourself to be (cosmically) ‘guided’ and ‘stimulated’, so that you can start investigating your own (new) energy. How? By opening yourself to this new vibration. I could simply not imagine you would want to focus any longer on all the ‘negative options’ stemming from the old energy (the third dimension). So, decide for yourself what it is you are wishing for, it awaits you, so that anything you wish for can truly start manifesting.

You are your very own co-creator, you may now realize you possess great potential. Try to gain some more understanding for your (new) Self, and naturally, for the New World. By doing so, the New Energy will be able to breathe right through you. The results of the power of your thoughts will become visible, the gate will open for you, so anything you wish for will become real.

Try to listen well to your body, take good care of yourself. And allow your potential to develop into full bloom, allow anything you wish for to manifest (physically).

You could start with something simple. Grab a piece of paper, and write down exactly that of which you wish to manifest within the next twelve months. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Simply write down what you desire.
At the bottom of the paper, you could (for example) write the following: “I am ready to be guided, so show me what needs to happen in order to manifest all of this.”

Then, bring the piece of paper with you anywhere you go.

Between the 23rd and 24th of the month you read it all again, before you go to sleep. If you start doing so, allow anything you wish for (from within your body) to ‘grow out’ far beyond it: out of your room, out of your house, out of your neighborhood, etcetera. Until you feel / experience that everything is being received by the Universe, the source. Keep in mind that anything you desire may keep swirling around in your thoughts, simply assume it will manifest. Be resolute, and say you are willing to accept any and all actions needed.
Then, slowly return to your body and put the piece of paper under your pillow.

Nothing will remain invisible any longer. Anchor yourself within that fifth dimension (transparency and openness).

We are all equal and unique. Therefor it is Time, also for us Twins, to co-create a world filled with harmony and love. A world in which the powers of the masculine and feminine may finally thrive hand in hand.

The masculine will no longer need to feel superior, scared and / or alone. This may now transform towards peace, strength and wisdom. The feminine energy has now been ‘released’ (freed), and may now support the world so that everyone can experience this unity.

The masculine and feminine energy may now be connected. Because of this, especially Twins are able to experience who they truly ARE. The feeling of Being One is filling the physical body, and also brings peace and joy. On a higher level, the Earth needs that wholeness.

There, where Twin Flames shine (together) harmony will always prevail over fear and separation!

Namaste, Caroline

Disclaimer: all rights go to Caroline from http://www.carmacoaching.nl and http://www.carmacoaching.com