Twin flames that meet in this incarnation, they are all finding out that the experience of twin flame is typically more convincing and more difficult than any other experienced previous relationship.

In most cases, the “old rules ” used as a basis in relationships simply do not apply to twin flames. What we are finding out, however, is that the relationships of twin flames as a whole have often strikingly similar patterns, at the time of its ebbs and flows, as well as its dynamics. Here are some of the common challenges often find twin flames, and tips to help them to face them:

• Challenge: Despite a strong mutual, familiar connection and “equality” of energy, one of the twin flames ” runs” of the relationship. He or she can simply disappear or may try to set rigid boundaries for the relationship, such as the labeling of “just friends “, “partners only ” or ” just another family connection soul / soul. ”

• Reason: ” Logic ” Usually , the twin who directs is more hampered by fear and overanalyze everything. After all, trusting the heart rather than the analytical mind, it’s scary and it’s something we’ve been not socialized to do.
The runner twin is afraid to be vulnerable and of the power and potential of a twin flame connection. He or she may temporarily stay in a lower vibration or in an unsatisfactory relationship with another person simply because it is familiar and feels “safer”.

• Tip: Although it may feel frustrating and not genuine the hide of their true feelings and dedication to their twin flame, to say and show what you really feel it’s going to scare the runner further. The best approach to take – until the couple is really ready to reunite – is to act nonchalant about the relationship, act happy in general and remain occupied by other people and activities. When you’re in touch with your twin, be friendly and cordial, but not sticky or dramatic. The more you move forward and enjoy your own life, the more your twin will want to be part of it. He/she’ll go crazy when realize that you ‘re sharing your light, your life and your energies with others and will feel that he or she is losing you.

• Challenge: It feels great to love someone unconditionally and recognize that is in your soul, The “visions” you get of what you can do through the relationship are amazing. However, it feels horrible and devastating when your twin words, actions or reactions are negative, hypocrites , unexcused, or are not a good representation of what you know is in the heart of that person. You may feel silly because you love them a lot, and want the relationship so deeply, especially when you do everyhing and don´t feel it seems to be reciprocated.

• Reason: The process of the twin flame requires all the necessary lessons to strengthen and awaken before permanent meeting. The process becomes a ” karma accelerated course” for you! Part of the “proof” that we are given before a permanent twin flames reunion includes if: we are willing to take the risk of look and feel stupid or silly, and still have faith in our own intuition and our twin for all modes; if we are willing to love unconditionally, even though our twin may show something that is usually an “ultimatum ” to us with any other person; and are willing to show patience, perseverance and strength when we less want.

• Tip: Be aware about that if that person is really your twin flame, you have no choice but to reunite before or after. Your partner is your destiny and if it´s necessary, miracles have to happen to wake up and bring the two together willingly – even if it means that your twin have to do a 180 degree turn in his outlook or behavior. The choices or decisions can affect the timing and ease of your meeting, but the meeting itself is a fact and is not negotiable.
If you have not reconnected permanently with your twin, live your life now, like if is about to happen, and have the confidence and serenity in your heart to know that it will. By adopting this way of thought, everything will move forward in the now and you will not be exhausted, or resentful when your partner finally come to you, ready to be the love that you expected, sensed, and planned.
Express yourself through art, the intentions of energy, a journal, planning, etc., it can be a great outlet for emotions that your partner is not ready to hear and receive. When he / she is mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready, these efforts can be shared and will be very appreciated!

• Challenge: Even if you and your twin flame can reflect each other in many ways, sometimes you may seem to be quite unequal divided into certain attributes very important, such as sexual desire, spirituality or levels of awakening, financial goals or hits, etc.
• Reason: You are the division of the soul in two, twin flames complement each other. However, not always equally divided. Each may have talents or very opposed capacities, and one of them may have gotten a 70, 80, or 90 % of a quality that leaves only 10-30% the other display.

• Tip: One of the most important lessons of our world is to find the balance. As a couple of twin flames, you learn to work together, using the strengths of each of you, magnify the gifts of others. The difference is that you ‘re not committing yourself, you’ll be balancing to complete your experience. Therefore, do not be discouraged or disappointed if you and your partner seem to have some crucial differences which again would “conflict ” with anyone else. These differences only reflect how well you fit together as one.

• Challenge: The process of twin flames, sometimes even after reunification, it can take many turns intense and unstable, which will seem adversely affect their stress levels, and possibly sanity scheduled events.
You may feel ridiculous and embarrassing to be in this crazy roller coaster. You can not imagine life without your twin, but you can not imagine eother living with this uncertainty and drama for the rest of your life.

• Reason: If you are part of a twin flame relationship, then you and / or your partner are a genetically higher vibrational frequency. As you gather, your energies become even stronger, which means that as individuals and as a couple you will ” pick up ” the frequencies of the others and the planet, more than ever before. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are discussing or ” burning ” in times of intense solar flares, earthquakes, alignments, etc.
For example, each pair of twin flames we know, including ourselves, that there were discussions or very difficult dilemmas during the recent solar flares, and is not the first time that all these individual relationships have experienced similar patterns without even realizing it ! In addition to collecting cosmic events and even the emotional tides of friends and family, twins are often at odds with each other just before or during periods of separation – for work issues , family, or even pleasure. Such arguments or cracks are just defense mechanisms twin flames use to help create distance and for separation make them feel less daunting. Whatever temporary, any separation can hurt, literally, physically and mentally. Therefore, after creating some anger or misunderstanding the mutual need to find ways to ” relieve ” the pain seems to be a common trend.

• Tip: Of course, once you realize that the struggle you experience can only be a defense mechanism or even can not be yours at all, you and your twin can find more positive to vent shapes or even avoid disturbing energies around you. In times of discussions or when you feel less optimistic, pay attention to the signs and synchronicities that surround you, they always will guide you back to your destination, be together.
Numbers, songs, colors , messages, and dreams will be your reminder that any mishaps with your flame is just an opportunity for personal growth and understanding, and your meeting is actually a divine union in order to move this planet forward. The Universe, your guides and your own soul forces will ensure that you and your twin flame meet; sooner or later, you will remain together ; to help others; cure each other; and complete your mission as lightworkers in the world.