We know that every person we meet in this journey of our life is a mirror, is a reflection of our abilities, our failures, fears, flaws, and virtues.

Although all people are our mirror, when we meet our twin flame, we find the most accurate and huge reflection we could never experiment with others.

It’s so amazing and beautiful as bewildering and frightening, because usually we blame our twin for “damage”us, to highlight all our weaknesses and nail a dagger to us, right there where it hurts most …

And we don´t realize that he is only doing what his Soul, which is our Soul, as well, pushes him to do, even if it´s made at subconscious level, it is a gift.

It is a gift from their great love for debugging us, in order to heal those wounds, pains, fears, we bring printed in the deepest fibers of our beings.

Perhaps childhood, or perhaps we carry them from previous existences.

Absolutely everything brings to the light our twin flame. It´s definitely EVERYTHING showed to thereby be cleaned, to recover the purity that we brought from the Divine Source, when we were ONE