There´s no higher vibration than the vibration of love.

This is the greatest and most precious gift that twin flames came to offer, in these times of chaos and planetary crisis.

There are couples of twin flames scattered throughout the world, getting ready to fulfill their mission of love to raise awareness of 3d to 4th density vibration in which we will live from the heart.

The vibration of love, unity , harmony.
The end of darkness .

Each pair of twin flames from their place in the world acts as a light source, expanding the energy of love, healing their surrounding area, and each pair has the same task, until all areas of the planet get illuminated, and consequently heal the planet and rise to the 4th dimension of consciousness, thus completing the process of planetary ascension.

But there is much work to do still, each member of each couple should do first, a healing of their own ego, and personal growing and development in order to get to the meeting with their counterpart and expand the healing energy as they agreed when offered volunteers coming from higher dimensions, with the aim to help the planet in times of crisis.

It´s time to remember this great potential within us …