Relax, in a quiet and comfortable place, and take a deep breath, inhale,and exhale, several times.

Imagine yourself covered in white light, and surrounded by Angels.

When you feel fully relaxed, think about your Twin.

Then if you have his/her picture, put it in front of you, if it´s in your computer put yourself in front of the screen.

Close your eyes, rub your hands and place the palms right in front of the picture,like sending energy to the picture.
Then visualize a white light descending over your twin, covering him.

Then,call for thousands of blue ray angels and imagine them surrounding your twin.

Imagine a batallion of angels dressed in blue…
then, imagine calling Archangel Michael.

Imagine him descending in all his splendor, in bright blue light.

Now, see him get in front of your twin, like protecting him from something, and then imagine Michael take his sword out and smash it in the floor,
in a very mighty way and when he does, more light comes out ( this is to make all the negative entities scare and leave ),then put back your focus on your twin:

Imagine Jesus arriving behind him and putting his arm in his right shoulder ( divine Masculine)
and imagine Mary Magdalene arriving too and putting her arm in his left shoulder ( divine Femenine )

and see a green light start pouring from the head of your twin down to his toes.(green for healing)

Imagine the light getting bigger and bigger, and imagine the Higher self of your Twin arriving and entering your twin from that green light, and becoming one with him, fully healed.

When all that has been done, go and hug your twin.

Kiss him and let go…