Twin flames and even soulmates are becoming the fastest growing group of humans that are tapping in and using their telepathic abilities.

Since a part of our mission as soul families, is to create an enlightened and purer template of relationships, it becomes obvious as to why; language would be the first mode of communication to disintegrate.

In our twin flame connection, we are learning how to operate from the realm of unconditional love, which is a very high vibration; we are learning just how to create an intention spiritual bond of love, trust, peace, cooperation and compassion with humanity.

We are beginning to shake loose all forms of lower vibrational communications that were traditionally used in relationships.

Telepathy will give us a greater ability to read energy and take that knowledge to create relationships in every form to a higher ground.

So for the twins that believe they have a direct invisible link to each other, you are correct.

It’s important to receive that information so that you can build the bridge from 3rd density to spiritual realms with your twin.

This link will grow stronger and more fluent, the more you work toward removing emotional and physical impediments.

Usually you will find that in these connections, that the twin that is doing the most work at removing the impediment, (especially within the emotional body), will have the strongest telepathic transmission.

The reason behind this is because, as we remove blocks out of our emotional body, we clear a crap load of blockages in our heart chakra, and remember.

Most of the telepathic information is received through the heart chakra.

Also, when we remove blocks out of our emotional and physical body, we raise our vibration, and high vibrational frequencies further and quickens the telepathic connections, not only between you and your twin, but with other life forms and other dimensions.