How to overcome the frustration of living yet another day without our Twin Flame?

Every day is a whirlwind of emotions, expectations, intense love, and anxiety.

We cry out to the Universe to help us, to send us a sign, to keep our strength alive, and continue trusting on this difficult path.
Sometimes we get so many signs that our hope is renewed, that it fills us with faith, and we overcome the day feeling confident.

Other days nothing really fills us, we feel our faith fading, and even though our Twins gives us some kind of evidence by themselves, it is not enough. Our patience is gone, we want them to determine and decide NOW.

It’s a roller coaster of emotions, from the greatest joy to the deepest sadness, sometimes all in one day..

Now, how can we handle this?

First and foremost,  we must heal the anxiety, and transmute it with distraction: doing what we love to do, then be sure of ourselves, knowing that soon the meeting between your Twin and you will be a reality, and enjoy every little sign, focusing on the positive, day-dreaming, going beyond anything with thoughts.

See the mental image of the realization of our physical reunion, visualize in order to create the same binding energy, in the mind and through the heart.

This energy is actually created and sent to the Universe, and to our Twin through the etheric cord that binds us through the heart chakra.

Love will take care of the rest, and soon we will have our dream come true in the concrete plane.

Let’s cultivate patience as much as we can, and we will finally receive the great reward of divine love, in the arms of our Twins…  🙂