Thank you Ascension Angels, that´s wonderful!!!

The New Divine Humanity


As the Ecstasy of Heaven, Pours through my Soul,
from my Lips, my Beloved, I Am Blessed, as Ecstasy itself.

Moving and Breathing, the Breath of Life,
Gracing All That is, I Flow, like a River.

Inside your Heart, I Am There, I Kiss your Heart,
as Wings of Angels, on a Heavenly breeze, that never ends.

Touching, Embracing, what moments are these,
the Form, overcome, Nothing Else Exists.

I Live and Die, every moment, this is why I Am here,
to touch You, to Feel You, for you to Know, I Am Yours.

I Pour myself out to you, as I hold you endlessly,
in eternity, the Passion of my Soul, All That is.

As the Sun rises, and the Moon and the Stars,
Flow through their movements, so do I, Flow in you.

All Desire, is for You, My Love, My Beloved,
as the Steam of life, never…

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