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Another wonderful and clarifying video by Patricia McNeilly, explaining about the current Cardinal Grand Cross and its relation to the development of Twin Flame connections. Here is what she says about it herself:


Hello, in this video I talk about these INTENSE energies of this very important and rare, Grand Cardinal Cross Alignments, the Full Support of the Divine Feminine and Primal “Mother” Energies, with the fully supportive Divine Masculine, to CLEANSE at the Molecular Level. This clears, purges any and all remaining bits, false bits from your Bodies to bring in your Full Soul into Sacred Union with your Twin. You will be able to Merge all your 5 Light Bodies within, and the Light Body of your Twin. To Re-encounter and Merge. In other words, it’s Merging Season!!! “BELIEVE WITH ALL YOUR HEART THAT YOU WILL DO WHAT YOU WERE MADE TO DO”.

There are no longer any true obstacles or limitations, even if you have perceived it. YOU and YOUR TWIN are getting Cleaned at your Molecular level so you can hold each other INSIDE, RE-Connect Inside, so that NOTHING can ever separate you again. Disregard all Doubts, all Mind-Games, all Falsities, Do your best to work with these energies, push out what does not belong and TRUST. Be willing to take the baby steps necessary to set more momentum in motion for Your Twin and Yourself. Only Your Twin has the Keys to UNLOCK and FULFILL you at the DEEPEST LEVEL of INTIMACY OF EVERYTHING at every 5D PARTICLE OF YOUR BEING. “The further away they go, the closer they get into you!!!”.

This is also a time to speak that you have “finished” all Soul Mate agreements aside from karmic responsibilities to minor children and can now conclude. If you feel confident to do so, Speak also that you are now setting your Guides free from their agreement with you and are ready to step into Full Union and be the Angelic that you truly are.

THERE IS NO MORE TIME FOR DILLY-DALLYING or Lingering in the OLD- That is the Message here- so Ride this Wave!

This is a Transit point for those who CHOOSE, and the intensity and pain will pass, leading you into the clarity and clearing spot for your Encounters and Honeymoon Merging. Until July 2014 this window of opportunity will be open for this Wave of Twins, make the most of it.
Thank you for watching!

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Enjoy! Patricia