Always pay attention to numbers, like 11, 22 and 12. The number 17 also has a wonderful and significant meaning when it appears. It is a magical number, related to the Tarot card  “The Star” also called “The Hope”, and a promise of big realizations. We will provide you with a brief explanation.

Tarot card number XVII: “The Star”

This card represents the destination, the moment of truth, when we will obtain what we deserve if we are able to defend it.

It symbolizes light, knowing what to do, it is the opportunity we have in this life to be happy.

This chart shows the process of receiving the most elevated cosmic inspirations and the appearance of impulses generating ideas in the material realm.

What was only a vague impression in the past, now is taking shape: crystallized in a mission, like the consecuence of a completely lucid vision.

The person who is guided by this knowledge exhibits the existential quality, the inherent aura by itself, which magnetically attracts others.

Selfishness and anxiety can be abandoned because the force of spiritual transformation reveals the meaninglessness of our masks of personality and the limitations of each insignificant individual.

Concretely: election of truth; joy finally arrives; mental clarity and peace.

In friendship: relations where truth is above all; true friends of those who don’t fail.

Family: marriage; spiritual peace; disclosure of something amazing.