Once again, we get back to the core of all this: always listen to your soul, to your heart, and trust. 🙂

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Episode 4 (Separation)

Mind vs Soul

I have made some serious changes inside me and been learning an entire new way to live. I thought that changing the way I was THINKING would be the answer, I tried to change my minds words, my minds thoughts, my minds reactions. I finally realized that was not working at all. The old saying about the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, do you ever wonder who came up with that? Where it came from? I feel there is certainly some substance to it. Think about the voices inside you, Yes there is more than 1. Place yourself in front of a bank, there is so much money inside that building, just a fraction of it would help the financial problems you are going through, your all set, gun in jacket, note in pocket.

Do you…

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