Numbers, numeric combinations or master numbers we often see, are synchronicities, signs and messages from our Angels and Guides. They are activation codes of our DNA, they shoot other numerical patterns with personal codes for each of us.
You have to pay attention, it’s a call to wake up, and to act. We are always accompanied and guided.

Meaning of the 22 master number:
On July 22,  the calendar marks the day of St. Mary Magdalene: Jesus and Mary Magdalene are Twin Flames.
The number 22 is said to be the number of Twin Flames (a good idea is to make a special meditation for Twin Flames our mission and our Twin on the 22nd day of each month).

22 are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.
22 are the things that God created in six days of creation.

Since God created everything with 22 names, they are all created, and 22 is the secret of creation.

Number Two

It symbolizes the couple, the double.
It represents the feminine principle of the receptive (the YIN). This vibration contains in itself the positive and negative (duality), establishing the struggle between the two powers, YIN and YANG, feminine and masculine, they must find the way, the path.

The number 22 -consisting of two 2’s- is a number revered by some mystical traditions, for its great meaning in the 22 chapters of Revelation 22 and 22 of Avesta prayers, and also the number of the Major Arcana in the Tarot. It is a number that symbolizes the Hebrew alphabet for their twenty-two letters. The 22 is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

The number 22 represents the spiritual Light, which gives end to suffering on Earth, aims to make the world a better place.

Note: (the number 11 is also associated with Twin flames: 11 is the conjunction of the divine and the human. The perfect sum of 6 and 5 symbolizes the microcosm and the macrocosm of the earth and sky. And the Taoist tradition is the conjunction of Yin and Yang)
11:11, means the meeting of two masters. Therefore the number 22, by the sum of both 11 means the fusion of both.


Happy 22 for all, expect miracles on this special day  🙂  !!!