Hello my love, how beautiful it is to feel this warmth in my heart, feel this deep love for the being of light that you are, for being my beloved.

How wonderful it is to know we have traveled this long path together, since our creation towards our meeting today.

My spirit recognizes your face, it has not changed even after so many lives, so many bodies, the essence is there, your gestures and expressions haven’t changed anything.

How exciting it is to know you’re mine, a part of me, my divine complement, the light surrounding me, and caressing me.

To feel you is the most beautiful sensation, the touch of your loving etheric being who never leaves me, and always guides and protects me…

My soul sings with joy, and happiness, knowing that we’ll soon be ONE again, like when we were that divine spark wandering all over the Universe.

Until we decided to split, and start a journey of discovery and learning for Eons.

Now our journey comes to an end, and the time of our merge is imminent and inevitable, our light is needed to create a new age of love, and peace.

Let’s keep on taking the necessary steps, to again be face to face, heart to heart, and never be separated.

Eternity is waiting for us.